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Server Name: UK/EU Rusty guns and naked chums
Game: Rust
State: Online
Players: 1/50
Address: join
 United Kingdom
Map Name: Procedural Map
Last updated:


build: 1086.73
dedicated: l
description_00: Welcome to the DST 50 players max server \\n\\n DST is the names made from the first letters of \\n\\n .
description_01: .DaSoLe.. ..Soul Killer.. ..The Thing.. \\n\\n MAPSIZE \\n\\n This is a 4600 map size \\n\\n DECAY \\n\\n De
description_02: cay may be turned on or off as in slowed down on this server sometimes good or bad let me know on wh
description_03: at you guys think ? \\n\\n RULES \\n\\n This is a server for everyone who wants to raid trade or try to
description_04: get along it's up to you how you play on the server \\n\\n no constant bad language to other players w
description_05: hich can be a kick or a ban on the server if the admin choose to \\n\\n ADMINS \\n\\n DST Soul killer ..
description_06: main admin.. \\n\\n DST Adam ..known as The Thing.. \\n\\n DST Dasole ..first man of DST.. \\n\\n We are o
description_07: n the look out for more admins but it takes more to be an admin on this server than just for the pow
description_08: er to run things and do what most admins think they can do ! by joining the DST teamspeak and talkin
description_09: g to us there in time if we think you can do the job right it is yours \\n\\n Admins rules on this ser
description_10: ver is they do not NOCLIP or use there power in any other way to upset other players on this server
description_11: other than kick or ban if any one seen an Admin doing any thing they are not supposed to do then let
description_12: DST Soul killer know \\n\\n TEAMSPEAK \\n\\n The DST teamspeak address -->
description_13: \\n\\n DONATIONS \\n\\n If you like or love the server and you are kind to donate on what you can and w
description_14: ant to by going to the website for any one who does a big thankyou from DST
ent_cnt: 51048
fps: 259
fps_avg: 257.32
game_descr: rust_server
game_dir: rust
gc_cl: 284
gc_mb: 807
hash: ff31c848
hostname: UK/EU Rusty guns and naked chums
map: Procedural Map
max_players: 50
mem_pv: 0
mem_ws: 0
num_bots: 0
num_players: 1
os: w
password: 0
protocol: 17
pve: False
secure: 1
steamappid: 0
uptime: 288687
version: 49
world.seed: 301
world.size: 4600

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