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Server Name: Horizon Gaming
Game: TeamSpeak 3
State: Online
Players: 24/128
Address: join
 United States
Last updated:


virtualserver_unique_identifier: ARugE43E4kbxc+ge0Icr/25Fxg4=
virtualserver_name: Horizon Gaming
virtualserver_welcomemessage: _____________________________________________[b]Welcome to the Horizon Gaming Teamspeak[/b]_____________________________________________[b]Make sure to visit our website and forums[/b][b]Website: [url=][/url][/b][b]Forums: [url=http:/][/url][/b][b]SA-MP IP: [url=samp://][/url][/b]_____________________________________________
virtualserver_platform: Linux
virtualserver_version: [Build: 1478594913]
virtualserver_maxclients: 128
virtualserver_password: orMdGJGJDNHEuEfseJeHhsk1TLc=
virtualserver_clientsonline: 25
virtualserver_channelsonline: 288
virtualserver_created: 1325818581
virtualserver_uptime: 678564
virtualserver_codec_encryption_mode: 0
virtualserver_hostmessage_mode: 1
virtualserver_filebase: files/virtualserver_861
virtualserver_default_server_group: 12
virtualserver_default_channel_group: 14
virtualserver_flag_password: 0
virtualserver_default_channel_admin_group: 11
virtualserver_max_download_total_bandwidth: 1.844674407371E+19
virtualserver_max_upload_total_bandwidth: 1.844674407371E+19
virtualserver_hostbanner_gfx_interval: 60
virtualserver_complain_autoban_count: 0
virtualserver_complain_autoban_time: 0
virtualserver_complain_remove_time: 0
virtualserver_min_clients_in_channel_before_forced_silence: 128
virtualserver_priority_speaker_dimm_modificator: -18
virtualserver_id: 4
virtualserver_antiflood_points_tick_reduce: 5
virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_command_block: 150
virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_ip_block: 250
virtualserver_client_connections: 3185
virtualserver_query_client_connections: 12975
virtualserver_hostbutton_tooltip: Click me if you dare!
virtualserver_queryclientsonline: 1
virtualserver_download_quota: 200
virtualserver_upload_quota: 200
virtualserver_month_bytes_downloaded: 206047509
virtualserver_month_bytes_uploaded: 8234108
virtualserver_total_bytes_downloaded: 9235152951
virtualserver_total_bytes_uploaded: 823833965
virtualserver_port: 9987
virtualserver_autostart: 1
virtualserver_needed_identity_security_level: 8
virtualserver_log_client: 1
virtualserver_log_query: 1
virtualserver_log_channel: 1
virtualserver_log_permissions: 1
virtualserver_log_server: 1
virtualserver_log_filetransfer: 1
virtualserver_min_client_version: 1445512488
virtualserver_icon_id: -1149092764
virtualserver_reserved_slots: 0
virtualserver_total_packetloss_speech: 0.0094
virtualserver_total_packetloss_keepalive: 0.0123
virtualserver_total_packetloss_control: 0.0084
virtualserver_total_packetloss_total: 0.0112
virtualserver_total_ping: 190.7917
virtualserver_ip:, ::
virtualserver_weblist_enabled: 1
virtualserver_ask_for_privilegekey: 0
virtualserver_hostbanner_mode: 2
virtualserver_channel_temp_delete_delay_default: 0
virtualserver_min_android_version: 1407159763
virtualserver_min_ios_version: 1407159763
virtualserver_status: online
connection_filetransfer_bandwidth_sent: 0
connection_filetransfer_bandwidth_received: 0
connection_filetransfer_bytes_sent_total: 108679178
connection_filetransfer_bytes_received_total: 5780979
connection_packets_sent_speech: 227364485
connection_bytes_sent_speech: 30827984968
connection_packets_received_speech: 76350328
connection_bytes_received_speech: 10607721054
connection_packets_sent_keepalive: 38489770
connection_bytes_sent_keepalive: 1578080570
connection_packets_received_keepalive: 38316217
connection_bytes_received_keepalive: 1610071754
connection_packets_sent_control: 3912106
connection_bytes_sent_control: 743076065
connection_packets_received_control: 3842508
connection_bytes_received_control: 257746370
connection_packets_sent_total: 269766361
connection_bytes_sent_total: 33149141603
connection_packets_received_total: 118509053
connection_bytes_received_total: 12475539178
connection_bandwidth_sent_last_second_total: 16993
connection_bandwidth_sent_last_minute_total: 21994
connection_bandwidth_received_last_second_total: 7016
connection_bandwidth_received_last_minute_total: 10660

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Horizon Gaming


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General Chat 1
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[GD] Cdt.J. Paradox
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Other Games
Killing Floor
KF Server 1 (normal/hard)
KF Server 3 (custom - 35 slots)
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Assistant Chief Mapper - Jack Kirk

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Horizon Gaming Staff
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Horizon Roleplay Gangs
1.) El Monte Flores
2.) Vacant
3.) Grove Street
4.) Sentinel
5.) Hell's Rangers MC
No one.
6.) The Black Hand Triads
7.) The Authority
8.) Hooligans
9.) Asesinos Loco
10.) Solntsevskaya Bratva

Horizon Roleplay Factions
Faction Meeting Room
Joint Ops
1.) Los Santos Police Department
(48th) Wall of Previous Police Chief's
Police Plaza, Pershing Square
Office of Administration
Pending Invite
Pending Interview
Pending Training
Pending Supervisory
Employment & Training
Police Academy Interview Room
Police Academy Interview/Training Center
Police Academy Training Center
Office of the Chief of Police
✰✰✰✰ Martin Sawyer, Chief of Police
[ADM] Chief Martin Sawyer
✰✰✰ Luna Snow, Assistant Chief
Waiting Room
▯-▯ Harold Marshall, ADM Captain
[ADM] Cpt. Harold Marshall
▯-▯ Robin McAdam, OPS Captain
Waiting Room
Bulletin Board
Reinstatements Point System
Update your teamspeak name
Dispatch Radio Tower [RTO: Passive]
1 (Central Communications)
[GD]Cpl. M.D. Veterano
Martin's Donut Shop (( AFK ))
[SOU] Cpl. J. Walker
[GD] Ofc. G. Pennington
Office of Division Commanders
Internal Affairs
▯ Lieutenant - Ramon Gonzalez
Field Training Operations
▯ Lieutenant - Vacant
Sergeant - Flan McAdam
Special Operations Bureau
▯ Lieutenant - Sigre Stark
Sergeant - VACANT
General Duties
▯ Lieutenant - Stephen Kenneth
▯ Lieutenant - VACANT
2. Federal Bureau of Investigation
Bulletin Board [Updated 01/17/17]
FBI Radio Frequencies
[204.183 KHz] FBI- Undercover Operations
FBI Lobby & Waiting Room
[203.126 KHz] FBI - Tactical Operations
[202.512 KHz] FBI - On-Duty frequency
FBI | Management Offices
☆☆☆☆ Director Kyle Burrows
Waiting Room
☆☆ Deputy Director Jett Willis
Operative Channel [205.515KHz]
Criminal Investigation Divison
[CID] ☆ Director Lenny Coughlin
Major Crimes Division [MCD]
[MCD] ☆ Director George Michaelis
National Academy [CLOSED]
[N.A] ☆ Director VACANT
[I.A] Internal Affairs [CLOSED]
[IA] ☆ Director CLASSIFIED
Starbucks - Off Duty (( AFK ))
3.) Los Santos Fire & Medical Department
Waiting Room
Pending Interview
Pending Invite
Recruitment status [OPEN]
Interview Room #1
Interview Room #2
Training and Recruitment Room [#1]
Training and Recruitment Room [#2]
LSFMD Bulletin Board
Applying for usergroup
169.010 kHz | Dispatch (RTO)
170.010 kHz | Civilian Radio
McDonalds ((AFK))
Offices of High Command
☆☆☆ Chief George Siskos
Waiting Room
☆☆ Asst. Chief Lex Flame
Waiting Room
☆ Administrative Captain Jazzy X Walker
Waiting Room
☆ Operative Captain Yudh Rizkas
Waiting Room
Human Resources
H.R Commander Martin McAdam
Waiting Room
Life Flight
L.F. Commander Roberto DeMario
[Life Flight] Waiting Room
Internal Affairs
I.A. Commander Khatani Warjam
Fire Division
F.D. Commander Rama Warjam
Emergency Response
E.R. Commander Harley Hugh
Waiting Room
Training Gym
4.) San Andreas Sheriffs Department
5.) Los Santos Government
6.) San Andreas News
Wall of previous producers (leaders)
Recruitment Status: OPEN
Recruitment Offices
Reception | Lobby
Reception | Pending Interview
Reception | Interview Room #1
Reception | Interview Room #2
Reception | Pending Invite
SANews Bulletin Board
Staff Room
1st Floor | News Desk
2nd Floor | High Command Team
San Andreas News Offices ((AFK))
Administration Offices
Executive Producer - Johanna Rosenberg
Waiting Room
Executive Producer - Vacant
Waiting Room
Managing Producer - Callum Wesier
Waiting room
Managing Producer - Michael Garner
Waiting Room
Division Offices
Human Resources
Network Editor - Vacant
Online News
Network Editor - Vacant
Events and Entertainment
Network Editor - Dean Coleson
San Andreas Broadcasters
Network Editor - Vacant
Security Team
Network Editor - Vacant
7.) Ares Defense Solutions
☠ Waiting Room ☠
☠ Communications Center ☠
☠ High Command Offices ☠
Commander Eduardo Matos
Asst. Commander Valerio Matthias
Vice Commander Alan Mason
Major Silvio Mazzori
☠ ELITE Operations ☠
☠ Training Operations ☠
Operative Lounge
Dunkin' Donuts - AFK
9.) Hitman Agency
Hitman Radio

Los Santos Companies
1. Vitale Inc.
2. Grimes Pawnbrokers Ltd.
Management Offices
CEO - Daryl Grimes
Auction Consultant - Dangler Northstate
Mason Corp
Staff Lounge
Department of Management
Office of the President - Alan Mason
Human Resources Director - Eva Mason
Finance Director - Khazard Northstate
Departments office's
Market Dept Chief- Eva Mason
4. Lenovo Corps
5. Index INC.

Private User Channels
Gerald's Office
Jack's Office
Julius' and Haruto's channel
Roy's Tunnel of Love (No homo)
GoFuck :)
Jerome's Channel

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