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Game Server Name Players Map     IP:Port
mta CIT CnR/MW/Some RP | 239/2000 CIT gb Join
mta FFS Gaming DM/Race/DD/Hunter/Shooter/Stunt/Trials/HP/RUN/PTP Arenas [] 121/4096 None fr Join
mta SAUR Utopia RPG | 5.0 | Cops 'n Robbers, Civilians, SWAT, Military 61/1337 SAUR Utopia RPG | 5.0 fr Join
mta SX - CnR/DM/RP [] [Español] [Trabajos|Gangs|Turf|Casas|Criminales vs Policias] 47/500 SX us Join
mta Grand Theft Online (GTO) 38/512 SA fr Join
mta [Gta-Ar]GangWars RPG Cops and Robbers X1 جراند العرب حرب العصابات 35/1024 None fr Join
mta БПАН - Без Посадки Авто .NET 35/170 None ru Join
mta Virus-x Zombies 34/70 None gb Join
mta БПАН - Без Посадки Авто Нет [BPANTAZVAZ] 28/120 Drift_Project ru Join
mta [Pro-Chile] DayZ StandAlone Alpha [Latino America/Europa/Brazil/Spain] 27/64 None ca Join
mta SAES:RPG | Cops, Robbers, Gangs, Dealers, Medics, Mechanics and MORE! 27/1024 San Andreas fr Join
mta PYLife ❰❰ Play Your Life ❱❱ Polski Serwer RPG 26/50 RPG + PRACE pl Join
mta MTASA.VN - GvR Timeless Role Play Việt Nam 25/200 Las Venturas vn Join
mta ~[H7]~ || سعودي هجولة || ~[KSA]~ || هوامير الهجولة ||~[DRIFT]~[HajwalaH]~ 25/777 DRIFT ~ Gangs War ~ DD de Join
mta || Mini-Missions || || 25/105 The Rooftops de Join
mta Русский сервер Play-VazTeam | 24/112 None ru Join
mta [WnashTime]●[وناسة تايم]●[سعودي هجولة]●[w.T]~~saudi~Arabic~~ksa~~666 23/250 None de Join
mta -|TG|- Twisted Gamers - DM/DD/Shooter/CTF/Oldschool/Training/Race/PropHunt - TWISTED-GAMERS.NET 22/512 None de Join
mta CF /CnR/Español/Turf/Trabajos/Robo del banco V3.0 21/1000 None ca Join
mta || OwlGaming Roleplay || || 21/1000 Los Santos fr Join
mta Tohuwabohu || Freeroam || 21/100 None de Join
mta Default MTA Server 21/50 None gb Join
mta MTA-LPM|Argentina[Skins/AutosReales/Picodromos/CallesReales/Casas/Clanes/Robos/FR/DM/RP+] 20/100 MTA-LPM ar Join
mta [TOMY's MTA-SA] multiworld fun server powered by 20/1024 MTA:SA fun fr Join
mta Grafuroam 6.0 ( English Freeroam Server ) 20/256 Grafuroam lt Join
mta БПАН - Без Посадки Авто Нет | VazTeam 19/111 None ru Join
mta GTA:SA DayZ Version [PT/BR/EUA] | Cz2 DayZ Oficial 18/70 None us Join
mta Full Theft Auto | 18/70 Full Theft Auto de Join
mta GTA:SA DayZ 中文版 [CHINA|中国] | 末日危机 | 全面升级,火爆公测! | 17/100 None cn Join
mta [#1][DayZ DeadCity 1.2](Русский сервер)[][RU,UA] 17/50 None ru Join
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