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Server Name: nz01 |5x|BankHeist|AimTrain|XDQuest|HeliAim
Game: Rust
State: Online
Players: 0/100
Address: join
 New Zealand
Map Name: proceduralmap.3000.471052899P2
Last updated:


build: 62241
dedicated: d
description_00: launched with the sole purpose of making Rust a more engaging and strategic game
description_01: , that players would keep coming back to, time after time.\\nWhats New: Police role, Bank Heist, Stac
description_02: k Chests, Aim Train, Heli Aimtrain, Minicopter Combat and Arena.\\n5x Modded Custom Maps with no wipe
description_03: s unless forced to by Face Punch.\\nVIP Ranks, free starter Kits, TPR, Home, Warp, and many more.\\nHo
description_04: urly Giveaways, Skip Night Vote, The Flood, Realistic Weather. GUI Shop by Khan using HumanNPCs, cus
description_05: tom Monuments and Economics.\\nAnti-Offline Raiding for up 12 hours then slowly reducing.\\n- Plugins
description_06: are free, you learn them like you would learn a new skill.\\n-Achievements give level ups and rewards
description_07: .\\n-Global Progression for Blue Prints so everyone benefits.\\n-Monuments from Lone Design and Codefl
description_08: ing.\\n- Greater realism with Random Weather, Meteors and Floods for a truly apocalyptic landscape.\\n
description_09: - Better NPC's that know how to fight.\\n-Titles come with unique abilities, equipment and skills. Th
description_10: e Hunter, the Sniper, the Farmer...\\n- Play against 160+ Raidable Bases by k1lly0u with Boss Level N
description_11: PC's.\\n- We use Economics, Trade, and a new XDQuest Shop by DezLife that allows our members to earn
description_12: money and buy upgrades.\\n- Prestige Titles are displayed in a Leader Board that tracks player statis
description_13: tics.\\n\\n\\nsteam://connect/
description_14: 28015
ent_cnt: 42170
fps: 118
fps_avg: 158.57
game_descr: Rust
game_dir: rust
gc_cl: 581
gc_mb: 2086
gmd: The default Rust survival gamemode
gmn: rust
gmt: Rust: Survival Mode
hash: 411995dc
hostname: nz01 |5x|BankHeist|AimTrain|XDQuest|HeliAim
map: proceduralmap.3000.471052899P2
max_players: 100
num_bots: 0
num_players: 0
os: w
password: 0
protocol: 17
pve: False
secure: 1
steamappid: 0
uptime: 34957
version: 50
world.seed: 1337
world.size: 3000

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