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Server Name: Next Generation Gaming
Game: TeamSpeak 3
State: Online
Players: 140/495
Address: join
 United States
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virtualserver_unique_identifier: UBavDlutgnk2lFKqG1/msJ5GsyM=
virtualserver_name: Next Generation Gaming
virtualserver_welcomemessage: REMEMBER: NGG Staff members will never ask for your password!Shorten your links with [url][/url]Check out all official pages of NGG: [url][/url]
virtualserver_platform: Linux
virtualserver_version: [Build: 1478594913]
virtualserver_maxclients: 495
virtualserver_password: sfFED7eK1iRFjH0XJFpnoLlvhBI=
virtualserver_clientsonline: 141
virtualserver_channelsonline: 717
virtualserver_created: 0
virtualserver_uptime: 1890314
virtualserver_codec_encryption_mode: 0
virtualserver_hostmessage: [b]Merry Christmas! | [url=]EVENTS[/url] | 30% Off on our ENTIRE Web Shop, use coupon code "[color=green]XMAS[/color]" [url=]Web Shop[/url][/b]
virtualserver_hostmessage_mode: 0
virtualserver_filebase: files/virtualserver_1
virtualserver_default_server_group: 8
virtualserver_default_channel_group: 8
virtualserver_flag_password: 0
virtualserver_default_channel_admin_group: 5
virtualserver_max_download_total_bandwidth: 542352345423
virtualserver_max_upload_total_bandwidth: 752624356234
virtualserver_hostbanner_gfx_interval: 0
virtualserver_complain_autoban_count: 13
virtualserver_complain_autoban_time: 30
virtualserver_complain_remove_time: 0
virtualserver_min_clients_in_channel_before_forced_silence: 500
virtualserver_priority_speaker_dimm_modificator: -18
virtualserver_id: 1
virtualserver_antiflood_points_tick_reduce: 5
virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_command_block: 200
virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_ip_block: 250
virtualserver_client_connections: 32447
virtualserver_query_client_connections: 28989
virtualserver_hostbutton_tooltip: NGG Group
virtualserver_queryclientsonline: 1
virtualserver_download_quota: 1.844674407371E+19
virtualserver_upload_quota: 1.844674407371E+19
virtualserver_month_bytes_downloaded: 8595768725
virtualserver_month_bytes_uploaded: 72143961
virtualserver_total_bytes_downloaded: 528066150030
virtualserver_total_bytes_uploaded: 5454545478
virtualserver_port: 9987
virtualserver_autostart: 1
virtualserver_needed_identity_security_level: 20
virtualserver_log_client: 1
virtualserver_log_query: 1
virtualserver_log_channel: 1
virtualserver_log_permissions: 1
virtualserver_log_server: 1
virtualserver_log_filetransfer: 1
virtualserver_min_client_version: 1445512488
virtualserver_icon_id: 320522199
virtualserver_reserved_slots: 7
virtualserver_total_packetloss_speech: 0.0036
virtualserver_total_packetloss_keepalive: 0.0058
virtualserver_total_packetloss_control: 0.0061
virtualserver_total_packetloss_total: 0.0062
virtualserver_total_ping: 131.6403
virtualserver_ip:, ::
virtualserver_weblist_enabled: 1
virtualserver_ask_for_privilegekey: 0
virtualserver_hostbanner_mode: 2
virtualserver_channel_temp_delete_delay_default: 0
virtualserver_min_android_version: 1407159763
virtualserver_min_ios_version: 1407159763
virtualserver_status: online
connection_filetransfer_bandwidth_sent: 0
connection_filetransfer_bandwidth_received: 0
connection_filetransfer_bytes_sent_total: 7068926815
connection_filetransfer_bytes_received_total: 57805292
connection_packets_sent_speech: 1200252083
connection_bytes_sent_speech: 152248864447
connection_packets_received_speech: 408638048
connection_bytes_received_speech: 51282484319
connection_packets_sent_keepalive: 465522221
connection_bytes_sent_keepalive: 19086411061
connection_packets_received_keepalive: 462970893
connection_bytes_received_keepalive: 19463790776
connection_packets_sent_control: 102406914
connection_bytes_sent_control: 19738573657
connection_packets_received_control: 100205074
connection_bytes_received_control: 6338817167
connection_packets_sent_total: 1768181218
connection_bytes_sent_total: 191073849165
connection_packets_received_total: 971814015
connection_bytes_received_total: 77085092262
connection_bandwidth_sent_last_second_total: 217627
connection_bandwidth_sent_last_minute_total: 186330
connection_bandwidth_received_last_second_total: 49534
connection_bandwidth_received_last_minute_total: 57495

Online players

Next Generation Gaming
Welcome to NGG
[LS-P209] Off. J. J. Malcom
Scott Reynolds
Advisory Channels
Advisory Board (Last update 07/01/2017)
Recruitment Lobby
Need Assistance? (Wait here!)
Advisory Department - On Duty Channel
[CH-EU] John Danzie
[SCA-EU] Danilo Buenoh
[CH-EU] Blake Montana
[CA-NA] Riley Binc
Staff Quarters
Work Room 1
Work Room 2
Advisory Staff Lounge
[HH-EU] Conor C. Adkins
General Chat Lobby
General Chat 1
Ermetano Carragio
Ninou Mofujohn
General Chat 2
General Chat 3
General Chat 4
General Chat 5
General Chat 6
General Chat 7
General Chat 8
General Chat 9
General Chat 10
Music Channel 1
Music Channel 2
Music Channel 3
Gaming Operations Channels
Supported Games
Main Gaming Lobby
Minecraft Network (Launching soon)
Staff Quarters
Staff Help Desk
Staff Lounge
Tekkit Chat 1
Tekkit Chat 2
Applegate Life Mod
Pre-Launch Lobby
Alpha Testing #2
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
CS:GO News & Updates!
Team #1
Team #2
Farming Simulator
Room 1
Room 2
Rocket League
Grand Theft Auto V
Online: Matchmaking
Heist Lobby
Casual Lobby
GTA Network
League of Legends
Team #1
Team #2
Team #1
Team #2
Team #1
Team #2
Alpha Squad
Bravo Squad
Club VIP
VIP Lounge
VIP Moderator House
VIP Moderators - Applications: CLOSED
VIP Moderators - Read Desc
Dedicated Player
Dedicated Lounge
Hall of Famed
OS Commission Meeting Room
redneck lampy
Famed Lounge
Office of the Chairmen
Player Assistance - Read Instructions ↓↓
Tom Leicester-Shane
Bluestone - Chapman
If you don't do this, we can't help!
Connection Issues
Appealing Bans
Customer Support
Pending HR
Pending OED
Work 1
Work 2
Work 3
Work 4
Administration Headquarters
Admin On Duty
Secondary Tasks
Security Operations Central
Staff Training Room
Administration AFK
Executive Offices
Office of Devin Clark
Office of Nick
Office of Farva
Office of Justice
Office of Josh
Office of Rory
Office of Rodiz
Office of Chris
Office of Carlos
Office of Lewis
Office of Alex Romano
The Club House
OED Staff
Office of NickAndersson
Office of Declan
Office of Jordan
SA:MP Operations Channels
Next Generation Roleplay Gangs
Gang Management
1.) Grove Street Families [0/3]
luke harm
Ten Green Bottles (AFK)
2.) NOOSE [0/3]
666.666 KHz - OPERATIONS
Ari's Sticky Pole (AFK)
3.) Ancelotti Crime Family [0/3]
Social Bar (AFK)
How to join?
4.) Marina Boulevard Gangsters [0/3]
Burgershot [AFK]
5.) El Cartel De Chiapas [0/3]
Council Members
The Night Club (AFK)
6.) Hilltop Militia [0/3]
Office of High Command
The Naughty Corner (AFK)
7.) The Carragio Crime Family [0/3]
Lounge [Members Read Description]
8.) Sacra Corona Unita [0/3]
Red Wine
AFK Channel
9) Tomskaya Bratva [1/3]
Bratva Gay Paradise
Bluman's Office
Jay Flowers Bluman
Strike 1/3
Next Generation Roleplay Businesses
Business Owner Tag Purge
Business Management
1.) 8 Ball Autos
Michael Barnes Office
Ian Fraser Kilmister's Office
2.) La Dispensa Ammunation
Office of Edward Scaletta
Office of Ben N. Scaletta
Workshop [AFK]
Owners Office
3.) COCO Bar
4.) Grotti Automotive
Office of Steven S. Ancelotti*
Office of Wesley Ancelotti
5.) Vacant
6.) Coutt 'N' Schutz
Note to all members:
Office of Ziad Dockson
Office of Neyo Knight Terranova
Office of Fay.
7.) Subaru Store & Autos
Office of Alex
Office of Mufi
8.) J.Brothers 24/7
Mikey Frank Jay's Office
Shaun Darrel Jay's Office
10.) Hartmans Gas Station
Office of Omar Cairokee
Office of Jimmy
Cairokee's Hide out
Next Generation Roleplay Factions
Faction Management
Faction Leader Meeting
Wait here if you need to be dragged.
1.) Republic of San Andreas
White House - Situation Room
[Executive Government of San Andreas]
President Ethan J. Jameson
Vice President Carmen Flores
President Ethan Jameson
Carmen Flores
Chief of Staff Matt Kanon
Secretary of Defense Joe Slice
Security Director Micheal Connolly
(101.KHz) Government Communications
1a.) Legislative Branch of San Andreas
[Senate of San Andreas]
Bulletin Board: Updated Oct. 5, 2016
Office of Praefect Amiel Kidman
Office of Samuel J. Osborn
Office of Clank Hamm
Office of Leia Organa*
Office of Elnegm Azouz
Office of Josef Smirnov
Office of Kris Goose
Office of John McFornell
Office of Caroline Pierce
Office of EEC Chairman
2.) Judicial Branch
Visitors' Commons
Staff's Commons
Redsands University
The Supreme Court of San Andreas
Chief Justice Barry Smith
Associate/Madam Justices' Chambers
Emeritus Justices' Chambers
The Courts of Justice of San Andreas
Bulletin Board [UPDATED - 16/02/17]
Chief Judge Lecho Kowalczyk
Senior Judge Rama Krishna
Senior Judge Max Knight
Judge Gerard Joling
Judge Octavia Blake
Judge Dave Brown
3.) Republic of New Robada
The Governing Council
Government Communications
Robadan Armed Forces
Administration Headquarters
Waiting Room
Interview Room #1
Interview Room #2
Trainings and Evaluations
Fort Valkyrie Communications Center
▼▼▼ READ ME URGENTLY!!!! ▼▼▼
Bulletin Board [Updated: Feb 24th]
(287.000KHz) Joint Operations
Major M. Bolton
[Turk] Corporal Kilmister
PFC K. Clark
Private B . Lowfer
Corporal L. Swisher
(187.000KHz) NIS Operations
(69.000KHz) Marine Corps Operations
Veteran Commission
bilob greav - jay
Barracks ((AFK))
Private Z. Hilfiger
Private N.Harrison
Captain M. Cassio
PFC L.McFornell
Fort Valkyrie High Command Offices
Office of General Jax Morrow
Office of Lt. General Allie Chapman
Office of Major General Dylan Freeman
Office of Colonel Ziad Dockson
Office of Colonel Alice Campbell
Fort Valkyrie Low Command Offices
Office of Major Benzene Demon
Office of Major Michael Bolton
Office of Major Lee Zheng
Office of Major TBA
4.) Federal Bureau of Investigation
Ground Floor: FBI Lobby
FBI Rodeo Headquarters
Announcements [Updated: Jan 3, 2017]
Department Communication
(420 KHz) FBI On-Duty Comms
(420.1 KHz) Hitman-1 (Op. Comms)
(420.2 KHz) Hitman-2 (Op. Comms)
(221 KHz) Field Operations
(267 KHz) Criminal Investigations
(276 KHz) Internal Affairs
(XXX KHz) National Security Branch
Kennedy FBI National Academy
Academy Professor's Lounge
High Command Offices
Director A. Kidman
Deputy Director N. Borrelli
Assistant Director P. Banks
Assistant Director C. Hamm
Honorary Command Office
Divisional Command
Academy Head Professor VACANT
FO Special Agent I.C. E. Green
Special Agent I.C. Green
CID Special Agent I.C. K. Edwards
IA Special Agent I.C. Z. Ventura
NSB Special Agent I.C. N. Harm
\\SPLANK/ クランク
FBI Private Diner
5.) San Andreas Medical Services
Recruitment Offices
Interview/Training Room 1
Interview/Training Room 2
Interview/Training Room 3
Department Communications
Bulletin Board (Will be updated)
(100.000 MHz) Central Dispatch
[E-364]Recruit D.Martin
High Command Offices
Chief Alex Wolf
Deputy Chief Addison Swagger
Assistant Chief Matt Dirt Henchman
'⭐ Matt ⭐'
Commander Riley Binc (ADM)
!Bᴏsᴛᴏɴ ✔
Commander Kary Dawson (OPS)
Low Command Offices
Lieutenant Lex Paradis (HR)
Lieutenant Jason Paradis (IA)
Lieutenant Danny Jason (EMS)
Lieutenant Uzair Khan (LF)
Lieutenant Nick McFellow (SRT)
[S-330] P/I Leii McFellow
General Offices
Office of Human Resources
Office of Internal Affairs
Office of Emergency Medical Services
Office of Life Flight
[L-602] Sgt Thyson .McFornell
Hall of Honorary Members
Fire Lounge (AFK)
6.) Los Santos Police Department
1st Floor - S. J. Police Academy
Front Desk Lobby
Recruitment Office #1
[LS-A545] Deputy Chief R. Kesh
[LS-A401] Chief Sean James
Recruitment Office #2
Recruitment Office #3
Recruitment Office #4
Examination Room #1
Examination Room #2
2nd Floor - Department Communications
[LS-S200] Lt. D. Hunter
[LS-P222] SSgt. S. Freeman
257.000MHz Central Dispatch (Priority)
[LS-P346] Off. C. Setland
[LS-P103] Lt. J. Romero
[LS-I334] Sgt. J. Loco
[LS-P275] Off. S. Worbenmanjen
[LS-PXXX]P/O B.Capone
[LS-S285] Sgt. J. Danzie
[LS-S304] S/Off. J. Setland
257.100MHz Tactical Ops
[LS-R234] S/Off. R J Trinidad
[LS-I321] Lt. T. Godfrey
257.200MHz Undercover Ops
257.300MHz Internal Affairs
3rd Floor - High Command Offices
R30.) Chief of Police Sean James
R31.) Deputy Chief Robert Kesh
R32.) Assistant Chief Chris Frasca
R33.) Captain Travis Setland (OPS)
R34.) Captain Alexandra Mahone (ADM)
4th Floor - Low Command Offices
R40.) Lieutenant Joshua Romero (PTL)
R41.) Lieutenant James Raminez (DET)
James Raminez
R42.) Lieutenant Derek Hunter (SWAT)
R43.) Lieutenant Trent Godfrey (IA)
R44.) Lieutenant Alyssa Morgan (HR)
[LS-P231] Cpl. S. Jo
[LS-R270] Sgt. Z. Logan
R46.) Lieutenant Jack O'Kelly (HON)
[LS-H126] Hon. Lt Jack O'Kelly
5th Floor - General Staff Lounge
R50.) Honorary Council
R51.) Board of Appeals
R52.) Dunkin' Donuts (( AFK Lounge ))
[LS-P420] S/Off.D.Reza
7.) San Andreas Armed Services
Bulletin Board - READ DESC
Terminated Members
S J. Rock Recruitment Centre
Interview Room 1
Interview Room 2
Training Room
Communication Center
Alpha Squad
Bravo Squad
Command Offices
Joint Chiefs of Staff
Office of General Vacant
Notice of retirement
Office of Interim General D. Montgomery
[MA:GEN] Dwight G. Montgomery
Office of Major General Scott R. McLaren
JCOS Meeting Room
Senior Command
Office of Colonel Vinnie Luciano
Office of Major Jack Aachen
Department of Military Affairs
Office of Captain Mark Montgomery
Office of Captain Ray Carter
[TNR:CPT] Ray Carter
Office of Captain Greg J. Castle
Department of the Army
Office of Captain Kyros Omage
Office of Captain Vacant
*Inportent Notces**
Office of Captain Josh Yumi
Veterans Hall
Barracks (AFK / Inactive)
8.) Department of Corrections
1st Floor - Recruitment Offices
DoC Bulletin Board
DoC Recruitment Office
Interview Room 1
Interview Room 2
Training Room
Divisions Recruitment Offices
Office of Operations
Office of Administration
2nd Floor - Communications
[123.500MHz] Prison Operations
[124.100MHz] External Comms
[126.100MHz] Internal Affairs Comms
3rd Floor - High Command
Office of Warden Selena Troy
hit bind for rory asap
Office of Deputy Warden Sakura Bando
Office of Assistant Warden Ryan Bando
Office of Captain Morgan De Wing
4th Floor - Administration
Office of Lieutenant Majnu Miller (IA)
Office of Lieutenant Dylan Waters (HR)
5th Floor - Operations
Office of Lieutenant John Alan (MED)
Honorary Board Lounge
Break Lounge
9.) San Andreas News
No applications; Direct invite.
Bulletin Board | Weekly News
Fifth Floor - Employees Workstation
Waiting Room
Interview Room
Training Room
Fourth Floor - Radio Channels
250.69 MHz - On Duty Comms
251.32 MHz - Journalism Comms
342.95 MHz - Internal Affairs Comms
Third Floor - Executive Offices
Chief Executive Officer Celty Cross
Network Producer Steve Brown
Attorney Oliver Queen
Second Floor - Retired Offices
Office of Kenny Stryker
Office of Matt Honest
Office of Joe Rysada
First Floor - Director Offices
Office of Sarah Mikaelson [ADM]
Office of Jameson D. Pennyworth [MME]
Office of Stephen Rizal [WAS]
Office of Mike Pence [JRN]
Ground Floor - Assistant Offices
Office of VACANT [ADM]
Office of Colin McHaze [MME]
Office of Makoto Daisuki [WAS]
Office of Mizuki Takeru [JRN]
The Cafeteria (( AFK Lounge ))
10.) Public Works
Public Works Recruitment Office
Interview Room 1
Interview Room 2
544.2332Khz - General Radio
Staff Offices
CEO's Office [Bruno Madrazo]
CEO's Office [Tiago Madrazo]
Director of Human Resources [Fay Magnus]
Director of Towing Ops [Sigmund Freud]
Director of Engineering [Thomas Freeman]
Past NGG Honored Factions
Director's Conference Room
The Lounge
Blue Oyster Bar
NOOSE bulletin board
Office of K. Yamato
Dedicated Officer Recognition
Honorary Board
Staff Office Complex
Office of the Inspector General
Office of Jay
Office of Chapman
Office of RickyB
Office of Chance
Office of Brazil
Department of Community Relations
Department of Customer Support
Office of Arteezy
Office of Henchman
Public Relations
Office of Oldman
Office of Touya
Office of Zeus
Office of Berg
Department of SA:MP Operations
Gaming Staff
Office of Melvin
Office of Gibbs
Office of Lynch
Office of Waters
Office of Shane
Office of Connolly
Office of Miguel
Game Affairs
Office of DeanPierce
Office of Liam
Office of Winchester
Office of JosefSmirnov
Office of Kahmen
Office of Addison
Department of GTAV Operations
Office of Evans
Office of Morro
Office of Johnson
Department of Technology
Office of Jamie-DND
Office of Guntel
Non-Admin Staff Complex
Office of Mapper(s)
Office of Max Knight
Beta Team
Recruitment Offices - CLOSED
Pending Beta Team Leadership
Interview Room
Beta Team Lounge
Beta Team Leadership
Office of Tanner Salvador
Office of Lampy
Senior Beta Testers Lounge
Honorary Hall
Department of Public Relations
Networking Team
Networking Lobby
Networking Board (UPDATED:29/11/2016)
Management Office's
Office of Erick Ferroviere
Office of Seong Yong
MultiMedia Headquarters
|~MultiMedia Requests~|
MultiMedia Waiting Room
MultiMedia Work Room
MultiMedia Staff Lounge
MultiMedia Management Offices
Office of Chief Bull
Office of Assistant Chief
Office of Advisor Fallen Angel
Special Events Team
Recruitment Status!
Events Board (UPDATED: 5/2/2017)
SEC Waiting Room
Work Office
Office of Chairman TBA
Senior Coordinators' Lounge
SEC Lounge
K-LSR Waiting Room
Community Advisor Team
Pending Senior Advisor+
Senior Advisors Board
Chief Advisor
[CCA] Office of Jason Paradis
Senior Advisors
[NA] Office of Riley Binc
[AL-701] Commander. Riley Binc
[EU] Office of Danilo Buenoh
[OC] Office of Jimmy Troy
(READ) Paid User Channels
Do NOT Edit Channel Numbers/Names/Topics
The Retirement Home - Since 2012 -
0) PHX
1) Rizi's Hideout
2) Skyla's™ ღ ❝ Bad Kitty Pad ❞ ღ
3) Community Relations Seized
4) Tashi's Pizza Stack
5) Mario's Hangout
6) Cunt Caves
7) ChapiChapi Cave
8) Jordan's Marae
9) Cam's Corner
10) Office of Achilles™
11) Akira Hanako's Oriental Office
12) g r e a v e s g a n g
13) .Alicia's Kingdom
14) Lost and Found Box
15) ^ S/D. Salvatore's Office ^
16) Trent & Yavi's Hideout
17) Pierce's Hangout
18) Heathens' Office
Agnolo-Forum Admin
Ancelotti - Connolly
19) Office of Danny Holmes
20) Kevin Rose's Office
21) Rebecca's Channel
22) House of Mondy
23) Yuris gaming den
24) Chalito's Outback Shack
25) Office of Taylor
26) Joey's Crack Lab
27) Madrazo Lounge
28) Brazil's Office
29) Office of Alec
30) Klipz Nation
31) Corozzos Hangout
32) Office of Nikola Ziwic
33) Lawrence's Hideout
34) The Zomra Crew
35) Glasscock Channel
36) Jamal's Channel
37) Office of Fa Krutz
38) Uri Boyka Office
39) Office of Whitestone
40) Hannes' Hideout
41) Logan's Casket.
42) Bishop's Lounge
43) Office of Henchman
44) Luke Henchman's Hangout
45) Office of RoyBrank
46) Clerkenwell Crime Syndicate
47) Duffy's Office
48) Grayson's Hideaway
49) Peter_D_Schneider Private Office
50) Conejo's Office
51) LSDMS Operations Frequency
52) Blackstone's residence
53) The Hideaway
54) Official Bourne Hideout
55) Office of Thus
56) terrell's Quiet Room
57) East Beach Vagos
58) Frankenstein's Lounge
60) Office of Leo Fayta
61) Mark Murphy
62) Portuguese Cave
63) Top Hat Society
64) Lawliet's Hideaway
65) Rustic's Enclave
66) #Egyarmy
67) Fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexman
69) Office of Moore
70) Angelo's Office
72) Condemned Few MC
73) Rin Hanako's channel
74) Office of Ali
79) Blaze's Office
80) Volkoff Industries
81) Lowfer's Industries
85) Office of Disuza
86) Office Of Gibbs
87) Rondoe's Trap$pot.
89) Hrvatska
90) Hakuna Matata
91) Ferroviere Crime Syndicate
92) Seville Squad
93) Kadonneet Lapset
94) Adina's Lounge
95) Office of Brown
96) Hills Hangout
97) Office of Deshawn
98) Winter's Wonderland
99) Gaming Operations
100) llı ♥ Office of Alan Hood ♥ ıll
101) Bread's Office
Gifted User Channels
0) The Hidden Hangout
1) Austin & Zachary's Zoo
2) The Asylum - ArcheAge/CS:GO
3) The Bunker (BF4 Operations)
4) Kinetic Temple
5) Office of Giovanni Valentino
10) STAG Memorial
11) Keith's Cave
13) Gates' front Gate
14) ' Loiter Squad
15) Freeman Hideout
19) Ganja's Chillout '06
Sosa's Dab Lounge
Josh's Code Cave
22) Office of Roberto
23) Negorci Mafia
28) Áras na hÉireann
35) The Crew
39) The Goose Nest
40) Office of Timothy McGee
42) The Skittles Memorial
Jamie's Weeaboo Room
45) The Abandoned Ruins
50) Nigerian Council
51) The Lounge of East Side Crips Crew
52) Market BloCC Crips
55) Secondary Bunker
56) Balboa Towers
57) The Crows Nest
59) llı ♥ Office of Stelly ♥ ıll
60) llı ♥ Office of Carly ♥ ıll
61) llı ♥ Cαrlч Rαє Jєpsєn's Hαngσut ♥ ı
66) Steve Brown's Crib (Asians' HQ)
79) Jeff's Gaming House
80) Canne's Break Channel
81) Swizzy's Office
82) northside asian boyz v2
92) The Batcave
93) Office of Ryan
94) Alpicino's Hideout
Autobot Outpost Omega Two
95) Sherlocks' Retirement Club!
96) Baked Fam
97) NOOSE Safe Haven
98) Myth Stryker's Channel
Office of Oldman
Marcus' Hideout
Blair's Channel
Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce
Office of Capone
The Office
RickyB's Hideout
Meyers' Channel
Shiels Hideout
Rodiz's Basement
Office of Patsy
Dean's Channel
Corey's Lounge
Office of Rizi
Peter's Lounge
Jameson's Lounge
Sean's Hideout
The Connectors Place - SATR - BHT
Clank's Flannel
Paul's Channel
Neill's Channel

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