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Server Name: Actual New Zealand | North Island 8K Nexus |
Game: Rust
State: Online
Players: 8/100
Address: join
 New Zealand
Map Name: North Island NZ
Last updated:


build: 89481
dedicated: d
description_00: Welcome to Actual New Zealand 8K, Running a map of New Zealand landmass at 8000 Size.\\n- Hosted In N
description_01: ew Zealand\\n- Discord:\\n- 1/4 Decay\\n- 30 Bag Limit\\n- DB Storage (/db
description_02: box)\\n- Gamble Anything\\n\\nRules:\\n#1 Extreme toxicness or Blatant Racism in global chat or PMs will
description_03: result in a mute or ban depending on severity.\\n#2 Do not spam or advertise in global chat or PMs.
description_04: This will result in a 24 hour mute\\n#3 Hacking, scripting or exploiting on our server will result in
description_05: a Permanently ban depending on the severity. If you encounter a glitch report it immediately.\\n#4 R
description_06: eleasing of personal information (Includes images set as display picture on Steam & Discord) of othe
description_07: r players (doxxing) regardless of where you obtained this information. Depending on severity of what
description_08: is released this can result in being permanently banned. If you are lucky enough to not receive a p
description_09: ermanent ban the first time, you will be permanently banned if caught again.\\n#5 Impersonating serve
description_10: r or staff members will result in being banned, the duration of this is dependant on the type of con
description_11: tent and intent by the person.
ent_cnt: 267906
fps: 74
fps_avg: 71.70
game_descr: Rust
game_dir: rust
gc_cl: 995
gc_mb: 7705
gmn: rust
gmt: Survival
hash: 6853de8e
hostname: Actual New Zealand | North Island 8K Nexus |
map: North Island NZ
max_players: 100
num_bots: 0
num_players: 8
os: w
password: 0
protocol: 17
pve: False
ram_sys: 0
secure: 1
steamappid: 0
uptime: 427518
url: 1
version: 50
world.seed: 1337
world.size: 8000

Online players

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Builder 0
DirtyThirty2 0
Mr Yayo 0
Rampage 0
Shbnga 0
Tugga 0
profane321 0
swak 0

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