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Server Name: Special Operations Company - Viper Official Server
Game: Arma 3
State: Passworded
Players: 0/64
Address: join
 United States
Map Name: hebontes
Last updated:


: ??$׵?j?0???ّ??V?`??p2?G?m?&?o?]?7ʒZ??E?ACm@SplendidSmokeRework?͛?L??Anti-Freefall ZoneO ~:???
: Šumava??Y6c(a?Korsac?}?s{?? @NamalskR')?ſOAChemical Warfare????6Webknight Units - LAMBS_Danger.fsm Compatibility P
: atch§u.sD·±@MechanizedScarabdev;[|ò®Å·®The Kuiper EngagementsÈö‡ĵ¨Animate‘ÞçU·±Simplex Tools and Extensions)¿‰NC
: (EnSimplex Support Servicesv?????j?Two Primary WeaponsWlu?h?21st Shock Trooper Battalion??s?ɤ"[CYTECH] Core Assets A
: nd Functions$Q”rÉÔ®WBK OPTRE Additions­²lCzß?¨Deformer×”òhwçw@AIavoidspronelv‡@InvisibleGarrisonPoint\\Š8ç¿n L
: AMBS RPGä2\Z¦u¤OGren EVO%¦î¼$@MBGBuildingsKillhousesArma3Remaster£×ù¯¦‡ÇkLAMBS Suppression*EÖ1 nLAMBS Turrets[ëhC
: ?m??Sci-fi Support PLUS]. ???{Advanced Rappelling - Reworked?u\\T&??Simple Suppress 1.1.0???????Breach?|.? E?$Advanc
: ed Sling Loading5NL´åj7T!Hebontes Military Training Ground¤2ä${ӆ\ZcTab - Blue Force Tracking„ eß#Þ#kOperation: Arsenal Exp
: ansion©MŽйâšThe Carver Findings ˆ#q”¦Advanced Vault SystemSœ¢Ûvå[¤Scion Conflict Extendedõ@øØ/%£Weather+±š”üè‘
: ity8ÁÚ¬_NQwFreestyle's NukesšS±uxKAT - Advanced Medical1¾éj;€@AarensBlastEffectsî2)0pfõ•Crows Electronic WarfareЗ
: Arsenalݨ"?P`IGruppe Adler Trenchesٷ?CXo]i @HEVPatch?f?B??nLAMBS Danger.fsm 2.6.0q?!?KQx@ZeusEnhancedACE3Compatibili
: ty3|;?~SFX Project: Remasteredh???????Freestyles Crash Landing⿬q?.?2Kyklop's electronic warfare mod TFAR compatibil
: 2/?@?q@ACEVehicleMedical^?q?-i\\?ACE3 Arsenal Extended'?ղ?S5TFAR??\\??Oj?Kyklop's electronic warfare mod?$??U?bA2 De
: classified: Fireteam Zulu?v??߃??Scion Conflict?a:?ɩ"7Walkable Moving Objects?%n?O[jZeus Enhanced 1.14.0.DcAۏ?Impr
: oved Melee System7^???0?"\ZCUP Terrains - Maps 1.16.08?!??q?"\ZCUP Terrains - Core 1.17.1??!????Misriah Armory?_ګ?? ?@UNS
: CFoundriesAceCompat???=? ?UNSC Foundries%:Oc?]"Operation: TREBUCHET First Contact??????-Operation: TREBUCHET"h?o?%?
: "Advanced Combat Environment 3.16.1??k??\ZCommunity Base Addons v3.16.1
dedicated: d
game_descr: 2ndHebontesTraining
game_dir: Arma3
hostname: Special Operations Company - Viper Official Server
map: hebontes
max_players: 64
num_bots: 0
num_players: 0
os: w
password: 1
protocol: 17
secure: 0
steamappid: 0
version: 50

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