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Server Name: Midnight Toker Server
Game: 7 Days to Die
State: Online
Players: 0/8
Address: join
 United States
Game Mode: 7DTD
Map Name: COVID
Last updated:


AirDropFrequency: 24
AirDropMarker: True
Architecture64: True
BedrollExpiryTime: 45
BlockDamageAI: 50
BlockDamageAIBM: 100
BlockDamagePlayer: 100
BlockDurabilityModifier: -1
BloodMoonEnemyCount: 8
BloodMoonFrequency: 7
BloodMoonRange: 0
BloodMoonWarning: 8
BuildCreate: False
CompatibilityVersion: Alpha 19.6
CountryCode: US
CurrentPlayers: 0
CurrentServerTime: 7342385
DayCount: 3
DayLightLength: 20
DayNightLength: 60
DropOnDeath: 1
DropOnQuit: 0
EACEnabled: True
EnemyDifficulty: 0
EnemySpawnMode: True
GameDifficulty: 2
GameHost: Midnight Toker Server
GameMode: Survival
GameName: 7 Days To Die
GameType: 7DTD
IsDedicated: True
IsPasswordProtected: False
IsPublic: True
LandClaimCount: 4
LandClaimDeadZone: 30
LandClaimDecayMode: 0
LandClaimExpiryTime: 3
LandClaimOfflineDelay: 0
LandClaimOfflineDurabilityModifier: 0
LandClaimOnlineDurabilityModifier: 10
LandClaimSize: 81
LevelName: COVID
LootAbundance: 500
LootRespawnDays: 2
MaxPlayers: 8
MaxSpawnedAnimals: 60
MaxSpawnedZombies: 60
ModdedConfig: True
PartySharedKillRange: 100
Ping: -1
Platform: WindowsPlayer
PlayerKillingMode: 3
Port: 25000
RequiresMod: False
ServerDescription: This is a server ran and maintained by a small group of friends. Everyone is welcome, custom map along with a few config adjustments and a couple mods. The mods utilized are: Boat modlet v5, Ragsy jet ski, dirt bike, DMS armored vehicle/m3gtr/shark, MD-500 and the DW420 dyes expanded modlet. These added vehicles we feel really help make it a well rounded survival experience with some buddies! Stop in, toke up and survive!!!
ServerLoginConfirmationText: Everyone welcome, asshats will be kicked! If you don't have proper Mods installed you may experience errors. Take this time to roll up before you can't!
ServerVisibility: 2
ShowFriendPlayerOnMap: True
SteamID: 90151317266464778
StockFiles: True
StockSettings: False
TwitchBloodMoonAllowed: True
Version: Alpha.19.6.8
XPMultiplier: 400
ZombieBMMove: 3
ZombieFeralMove: 3
ZombieMove: 0
ZombieMoveNight: 3
ZombiesRun: -1
dedicated: d
game_descr: 7 Days To Die
game_dir: 7DTD
hostname: Midnight Toker Server
map: COVID
max_players: 8
num_bots: 0
num_players: 0
os: w
password: 0
protocol: 17
secure: 0
steamappid: 0
version: 48

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