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SAFG:RPG | San Andreas Future Gaming

PostPosted: 10/05/2022, 17:50
by neons123
San Andreas Future Gaming RPG! Welcome! Here you will be able to play whatever suits you in our three categories stated under:

Criminal. ->
You can be part of an underworld that is full of illegal activities such as bank robberies, store robberies, turf war and more. We have the feature of making your own gang to expand and conquer the territories of San Andreas.

Police ->
You can be part of the police force to fight crime and keep the cities safe. The goal is to work together to fight the powerful organizations around San Andreas. We have the feature of making your own squad to expand and get your own taskforce to gain advantage when you are on patrol or task.

Civilian ->
You can be part of a more legal activity that can benefit both police and criminal. You pick your story behind your company that will make a name for themselves. You have all kinds of jobs such as taxi driver, trucker, pilot, mechanic and much more. By creating your company you will be able to get cool features that fits your role, for example; You have a trucking company, you gain access to better loads, more money, greater distances. It’s totally up to you.
More about jobs: ... nt-1009290

The server also having a military and a terror group that is under constant conflict and will be for many years, global attacks may occur and other disasters. This is for the advanced players who have gained experience and respect on the server. But anything is possible!

We have many cool activities to work with for whatever you choose to do when you hit in-game. The decision is totally up to you. The server is being worked on every day for more awesome features and jobs for you to enjoy.

MTA forum: ... shspanish/
Server Forum:
Server IP: mtasa://
Server Discord:

Re: SAFG:RPG | San Andreas Future Gaming

PostPosted: 04/07/2022, 9:25
by neons123