Crime City Roleplay [Refunding]

Crime City Roleplay [Refunding]

Postby ExpertSahil » 09/11/2012, 8:52


Server Information

Ip address:
Forums address:
Uptime: 100%
Teamspeak3 IP:

Whats new?

New refferal system
New /pgun /dgun [ You can drop your gun anywhere, and anyone can pick that]
New bank robbery system
Point System
New tracking command, /findjob [ easy for begginers]
Dynamic Business System [ You can hire people for your business ]
Many surprising mappings and features!!!

How much we are refunding?

VIP: silver [ No DMs in VIP club, vip tokens every payday
Arms dealer lvl 5
Pot: 25
Crack: 25

What we need?

Faction leaders [ 12 ]
Gang leaders [ 12 ]
Scripters [ Not paying - You will get admin level, depends on your work ]
Mappers [ Not paying - You will get admin level, depends on your work ]

What we don't need?

Make me admin!! please i nkow all rules make me admin- Please we will fine you 10,000$ for each begging.

Note: Admins are handpicked by community owners,co-owners.. Dont ask to be one.. but still we need some community helper and advisors.

Join us today!! And enjoy new life!!!
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