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Banners - ability to use url

PostPosted: 27/11/2014, 21:49
by mrbrutus1456
Is it possible to modify the banners a little bit to allow usage of domain names instead of just an ip, I'm running many servers on a DHCP network where the ip changes from time to time, but I have a domain name that always points at the physical servers. Basically when I add a new server it would save the entered domain name rather than converting it to it's current ip, the banners would show the domain name and the embedded code would accept the domain name.

Is it possible to add this feature? That would save lot's of time and maybe reduce the amount of banners pointing at nowhere.

Re: Banners - ability to use url

PostPosted: 12/04/2017, 10:43
by ciber4
Bump. This really needs to be added Devs!