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ZombieArkGaming][Laser][Vip][SuperVip][Quick Ammo]
our ip address is
There is a variety of hardware in add-ons that give a lot of features and power to the many zombies that will be added to our server.
New Weapons Added
New Zombies Added
New Product Menu added
Our server is new addons new updates hope you have a good time ZOMBIE ARK# Zombie Classes:

1. Fast Running Zombie -
Runs Like a Cartridge
2. Invisible Zombie - Press 'CTRL' Tune To Become Invisible
3. Wall Climbing Zombie - Climb the Wall with 'E' Key
4. Long Jumping Zombie - Long and Rapid Jumps
5. Flying Zombie - Fly with Mouse Direction
7. Zombie Disguised as Human - Appears in Human Disguise No One Can Notice
10. Rechargeable Zombie - When Damaged by Attack, Restores Life Until Full
11. Flame Throwing Zombie - Shoots Flame with 'E' Key
12. Attractive Zombie - Draws with 'R' Key
13. Zombie Locker - Unlocks Weapons with 'G' Key

ZOMBIE ARK# Which Button Does What?
1. Z --> Activates. (Logging into the bank.)
3. C --> Allows you to receive the laser you set up.
4. V --> Allows you to set up a laser.
5. B --> Bank is activated.
6. M --> Expands the main menu. (Jetpack, Guns, Zombie Classes etc.)
7. J --> Enters the emotion chain.
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