Community of Social Gaming -- Ver.2 Release!

Community of Social Gaming -- Ver.2 Release!

Postby nilesh » 03/04/2013, 6:38

Community of Social Gaming

The Community of Social Gaming was created in April 2012 and officially was released to public on July 29th 2012. It was founded by Dennis and UniQ. But for some reason, they left the community.And CSG is currently managed by Sensei. Jack and Priyen are the two who are leading CSG as well as they are leading developers. CSG is one of the growing server and we are trying our best to make it better. CSG is suffering from DDOS attacks since last 2 weeks because we are going to release v2. Well, v2 is the next target of CSG it isn't a gamemode but it is one of the biggest update on CSG. v2 is a pack of whole new scripts and re-write of the old scripts as well. In this game mode we have the following things,

Here is a list, not explained in detail but explains most things. Note: not everything is listed, just the category its under.

Login / Register V2
Housing stuff
Weapons stuff
Jobs stuff
Drugs System
Phone stuff
Night club
User stuff
New security module
And some other stuff..

You may be wondering, why the progress bar shows 90% (thats because a lot of the stuff, "surprise")

As well, you can check the assigned and approved suggestions. Where you can find out what other is coming. We are going to introduce a new game mode as well, "Air- Wars". You can check about air wars on the forum.

About V2:

This feature will be released sunday finally for the easter holidays. This release features alot for CSG from re-writes to new features overall. CSG V2 has been worked on for over a month now and yet STILL isn't finished! Reason why we're releasing it early this week is because: 1. easter holidays \o/ 2. Get it out of the way and to stop players asking us whens the release, 3. to finally get it out into the open so players can see what features it has.
V2 has alot of new stability features which prevents server lockups like it did in V1. V2 has a new database script which prevents the database from freezing the server and has been tested to be alot more stable for CSG since we're running between 1 - 5k querys every single minute!
    EXP System: 90%
    Achievements System: 90%
    Alliance System: Done
    Security updates
    Online Players re-write: Introducing a new efficient way instead of using the database.

Out from this, CSG have some great developers and Developers in traning, who are those players whom the lead developers have trusted and are taking help from. CSG Community is a very friendly community, we welcome all players. We have our own DayZ server and a new game-mode is being introduced, "Air-Wars". We are selling some scripts too... You can buy the available scripts @Here.. We are welcoming you, so hurry!

The v2 is releasing on 7th April 2013! You'r welcome!

v1.7.6 is open so you can still visit us!
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