True Killuminati Server

True Killuminati Server

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True Killuminati Invites you to our server

See Our Server Trailer:

Hello Guys,
Try to join our server at mtasa:// !
There are:

-Roleplay Game
-Stunt City
-330 Moded Peds, Vehicles
-Half Freeroam
-Turf Wars
-200+ Missions
-100+ Races
-Half DayZ
-Cops n' Robbers

Roleplay Game
There are jobs around San Andreas, if you got the job and finished the task given to you. You will given money. Jobs like Trucker, Cleaner, Cable Fixer, and many many more!

There are zombie areas available around in The Forest, you killed by a zombie? Then you will earn money. Zombies is not available on some areas.

Stunt City
You can stunt forever there!

330 Moded Peds, Vehicles
Moded Peds and Vehicles. Awsome Mods, if you see it! Awsome texture packs in there server.

Half Freeroam
There are cheats so the server is half freeroam.

You can create a group/gang!

Turf Wars
You have a clan/group/gang? Try to own the Turf around San Andreas with your clan!

200+ Missions
There are 200+ Missions, that you can earn money and earn weapons.

100+ Races
Try to race to the end! And earn money!

Half DayZ
The server is half DayZ Gamemode!

Cops n' Robbers
Arrest Players, Kill Robbers!


Server IP: mtasa://
Facebook Page: MTASA True Killuminati
Hosted by: Delux Host

VIP/Royal Ranks

first of all, you cannot buy vip or royal here, i do not want your money, all i want is you to have: 2 days playtime and you get VIP
8 days playtime and you get ROYAL

only two admins are able to give vip and royal to players, if none of them is online at the moment u earn the rank
please go to the forum or facebook page and claim your rank, look in F9 : forum facebook

Vip you have:
VIP skin
rustler plane
zombie party
18+vip skin
james bond skin
vip protection
vip ghost

Royal you have:
teleport bullets
hulk skin
royal protection
royal ghost
18+royal skin
royal skin
hide nametag
7 seconds invisible
free vehicle godmode
royal party
warship: push /wpnsd to warp to the ship

For More Information Goto: TK Forum Help Board
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