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Name Of The Server: [DS]Army vs Terrorists.



The Page:

This server is a death match server that full of intersting features

Staff Team:
This server staff team is the best staff team that i have faced before.



*Not arrogant"




Best community all over samp:


*Help newbies*


You will love playing with them :D .


Server Description:
This is a death match server between:



Every team has different rank but there is some common ranks between each other.

Terrorists team: have a ship that they can spawn in it and the army can plant an airstrike in it to sink it and terrorists have to rescue it from sinking.

Army team: in there base there is a checkpoint that the terrorists can plant c4 in it.

UAV base:
UAV base is a common base.

To take it you must kill enemies in it.

You can buy weapons and others from it.

Note: UAV base is mapped by the server team.
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