We Are The Future, We Are The Gaming - SAFG:RPG

We Are The Future, We Are The Gaming - SAFG:RPG

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We are the future,
we are the gaming.

My username is Lizard and I am a Player in the SAFG community. We are a community that has all kind of server game modes. We have RPG, RvB, DayZ, and we even have a mapping server for our mappers. We are a new community in MTA. We have been here for 1 month, and we decided that we are ready to advertise our self to the MTA community and Game-State Forums so we did so.

I will give you some good descriptions about our servers.

Our RPG server is one of the main and first servers created. This server is at the moment being developed by our development team. We are currently working on 1.5, which will bring all kind of new scripts to the server. It will not only bring scripts, it will bring a better game play, activity, fun & jobs. We aren't just working on a 1.5 version for the server, we are also planning on building a RPG system for the community (http://www.mtasa.com). We are thinking of bringing it on a compiled version, and give it to those whom are trusted enough to handle resources.

SAFG - DayZ.

Our Red vs Blue server was suggested by majority of our server community players. As any other community does, they listen to their community players, so did we. A RvB server was suggested, so we have listened and decided to bring a RvB server to the community. With this RvB server being brought, it has brought more players, fun, and activity. The Red vs Blue server is about 2 teams, they go against each other. The most players with the surviving team wins. The maps also contain pickup-able weapons, which means you can pick weapons out the ground. We are also working on our own RvB gamemode system which is being developed by the RvB Development Team.

Are you interested in joining the RvB Development Team? Contact us

SAFG - Mapping Server.
This mapping server is given access to all those players whom can map. To get access, you must have showed us that you can map by sending us screenshots of what you have mapped before. When/if your map is approved by the Mapping Management Team, then you will be given access to our mapping team & mapping server FTP.

SAFG - Skype Chat.
Our server community players are all communicated each other very well with our community Skype chat. We have a Skype chat that all of our server players are part of. We currently have 33 people in the chat, and is increasing everyday by the time the server grows. If you would like to get added, contact our server staff members.

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