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All cities are independent of each other. All business work for the city, where they are located.

- Spawn
Civilian, Cyan, Cops spawn at LV
Vagos, Groove, Ballas at LS
Other gangs at SF

- Other
++ Added 7 new skins
++ Added block for rcon. You can unlocked rcon block with /unlockrcon. If someone logged as rcon admin when lock is turned on, then he will get banned. By default, the lock is enabled.
++ Added News Line. 3 TextDraw Lines below.
++ Added Lotto. The results are written below in News Line.
We waiting you :)
++ And much much more ...

- Chat
++ Added anim for command /shout
++ Added SetPlayerChatBubble
++ Added /ignoremsg [ignoreplayerid] (Only for admin)
This is the command to display messages in the chat for all, except the player you want to ignore.
++ Added /blockcmd [playerid] (Only for admin)
++ Added Chat Snoop (only for admins). They can see all player commands.

- Player
++ Added record IP to your account
++ Added Spree Detector. If you kill 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 or 25 you will be rewarded
++ Added /NO SPAM! and other anims. Look at /animlist
++ Added /date
++ Added /hp [playeid]. If you suspect a player of cheating, check it with this command, and then contact the admin with /report
++ Added Killstats and Deathstats (use /deathstats and /killstats)
++ Added Armour Upgrade for player

- Vehicle
++ Added vehicle names hint. When you get into a vehicle, the right of the screen you will see the name of your vehicle.
++ Added /vstats
++ Added /avstats (only for admin)
++ Added /tyres /lights
++ Added Menu for Rent Cars
++ Added Speed Boost (only for admin). If speedboost activated you can speed up by pressing fire.
++ Added Vehicle Repair by pressing key analog up (only for admins)
++ Added vehicles in all SA. (880+)

- House:
++ Added entrance to the house by pressing a button F or Enter
++ Added map icons. You can always see the house on the map for sale nearby.
++ Added more vehicle for /carupgrade
++ Added Houses in all SA
++ Added opportunity to save in the house. In one of the room you can find saving pickup as in single SA.

- Bussines
++ Added Bussines in all SA
++ Added New Bussines: Petrol stations, Taxi Cabs, Airlines, San News, Pay&Spray
-- Petrol Stations
== You can buy a canister of gasoline at the stations and fill in way. You can fill car at the stations.
== For Petrol stations you shoud bring the components in Xoomer. In the upper right corner you can always see how much you have gasoline.
-- Taxi Cabs
== You can start earning a taxi, when you sit in it and clicking key submission.
-- San News
== You can sent advertise about your biz to News Line which is located at the bottom of the screen.(use /advert)
== You can start earning, when you sit in SANews Van and typing /buytape. And then go to the shooting area, and if you find yourself nearby, then they'll give you money, and a point of SERVICE in your profile.
If you have big online u can use /hotspot. This command set checkpoint where more then 2 players in small range.
Murder is no longer written in the chat. You'll see them only in the newsline, and only if the newsvan nearby.

- Missions:
++ Added a new mission, which you should get a job on the phone and then go to stop and take the case businessman. This mission is not a substitute for other missions.
++ Added Checkpoints for cashbox in all SA.
++ Added Races in all SA. The results are written below in News Line.
++ Added command /resetrace [racename] /racecreator [creator name]
++ Fixed bug, when after one lap script write lap time of last lap.
++ Increased the range of vehicles for Hotwire mission.
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want to join this server
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