Blueberry Prison Roleplay []

Blueberry Prison Roleplay []

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Blueberry Prison Roleplay is the best prison roleplay server in SA:MP. It has a unique game mode with many features
Type: Roleplay
Version: BP-RP v2.5
SA:MP version: SA:MP 0.3e

Game mode features:
- Custom Map:

Prison Exterior:
It includes:
- 4 Gates
- Basketball field with benches
- Boxing ring with benches
- Car parking (for prison gaurds and doctors)
- Towers

Prison Guards HQ:
It includes
- Warden's office
- Locker room
- Shooting range
- Isolated cells
- Control room
- Infirmary

Prison Interior:
It includes :
- Prison Warehouse
- Prison Store
- Prison personal lockers
- Cell Block A
- Cell Block B
- Gym
- Showers
- Cafeteria

- Helper system (which includes the /helpme command)

- Faction system: There is one faction, Blueberry Prison Guards.
Prison guards have different divisions like patrolling division, vehicles division, snipers, doctors, etc...
Guards are also able to enter the control room and use /securitycamera which will allow them to spec different places of the prison, they can switch between cameras using "C".
And as a prison doctor, your duty will be to heal the injured prisoners and guards.

- Death system: When you you loose all your health, you will be teleported back to your death position, prison doctors can /heal you or you can /accept death and you'll be teleported to the prison infirmary)

- Gang system: The Gang system is dynamic, admins can set gangs leaders, there are 5 gang slots, there are a lot of commands to control the gang and gang members are the only ones who can smuggle weapons and drugs.

- Jobs:
Garbage man, you need to find garbage bags (objects) and use /pickgarbage (object will be attached), then you'll have to follow the checkpoint and get your prize.
Table cleaner job, you can use the command /cleantables, you will have to follow some checkpoints in the prison cafetiria to finish your job
Warehouse worker, you need to take the food from the warehouse to the prison cafeteria.
There is also a digging job in the LV mines, prison guards could take the prisoner to do community service over there.

- Cell system: There are two Cells Blocks in Blueberry Prison. Admins can create cells using /createcell [price], if you purchase a cell, you will be able to lock/unlock it, hide drugs and weapons in itor sell it, there are cell levels, you can upgrade your cell with /buycelllevel to store more drugs/weapons.

- Cafeteria: In the prison cafeteria, you can use /eat to get full health.

- Isolated Cell: Prison guards can put prisoners in an isolated cell for some time.

- Lockers: Prisoners have their own lockers. they can use /locker to deposite or withdraw money from their locker.

- Prison Store: There is a prison store where you can buy cigars, dice to play with other prisoners or even an MP3 player to listen to your fav songs in-game.

- A full VIP system that contains 3 VIP levels! check the commands below for more information

- Prison Gym: You can buy a fight style in the prison gym using /fightstyle, you are also able to buy many fight styles and switch between them using /myfightstyle command.

And more!

Community Service Video:

Tutorial for new players:

If i helped you, please don't forget to click on the star under my avatar, thank you.

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