Life in the 90's Roleplay

Life in the 90's Roleplay

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Life in the 90's Roleplay

Year 1990...
Red County was the best place in 1970. The citizen was calm, warm hearted and peace lover. The criminal rate was almost zero. Now Red County has a higher criminal rate. The Bussiness is growing and Black market has dominated all markets on Red County. Drugs, Illegal Weapons, Prostitutions, Robbery, Terrorism, and Corruptions are common things now.Can You live and get a better life there? Or will You join the criminals? That's your choice!

Join us in LIFE IN THE 90'S Roleplay!
HostName: Life In The 90's Roleplay
Max Players: 100
Mode: L90-RP Ver 0.2
Map: Red County
samp 0.3e


We have many different gameplays and features, here for small part of our feature. Check this video
video 1
video 2
video 3

And about JOB:
We have 10 job for this time, we will add more soon!
There is Trucker, Pizzaboy, Mechanic, Hotdog seller, Icecream seller, Bus driver, Taxi driver, Black runner, Sweeper, Fishing.

About Faction:
We have 6 faction for this time, more more be updated soon.
There is Police department, Detention officer of San Quentin, Paramedic, Firefighter, SAnews, Construction Co.

This special from us, you can choose your profession!
We have 3 proffesion, and each other have different ability
There is Crafter, Chemist, and Weaponsmith.

You can mod your vehicle freely as you want!
You can add 10 objects on your vehicle!

Invite your friend, you will get free 5 coins!
You can buy any special stuff with coin!

And more more feature!
So, join with us now! And have fun!

More information, please check
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