Gta Sa ====[Ultimate FreeRoam By Cops_Guy]=====

Gta Sa ====[Ultimate FreeRoam By Cops_Guy]=====

Postby spkier » 28/03/2014, 17:25

i have just made my own home made server with portforwarded
i had hamachi before but now is up and running good!

Ip: 24/7 online using a home pc portforwarded :D If the server is not on we are doing some changes we are doing these in norwegian Time also from 7 and night To 12 AM at night
Norwegian Time: 7-12 times Website: Why i also have Ulrik and start is becuse thet is my real name

You can use /GodMode /Help /Veh /Register /login /Refuel
We have not finished the server yet but if you join give me your name at you will get 1 Million
We will add house and shop and some stunts
This is just a Beta version
Hope you enjoy we also have fun and we Will Make a Zombie server a time
Is also fast and easy to become admin
Respect peolpe in a week and help and you may become Admin if Cops_Guy is online or any other admins
some tell me You can Become Moderator Trial thet is the first you become

i hope is allow to adventiser or i may take wrong :?
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