[ENG/RO] [0.3z] European Roleplay: Double Paycheck + EVENT

[ENG/RO] [0.3z] European Roleplay: Double Paycheck + EVENT

Postby fullkross » 17/12/2014, 18:31

European Roleplay

Hailed as one of the best roleplaying scripts available, European Roleplay has been constantly getting good ratings. This is a new server with an enthusiastic and professional team of 3 admins who maintain high standards of role play throughout the game. There is no nepotism, no friends of the admins getting benefits that other players do not and the admins do not abuse their powers.
We have:

• Dynamic Housing System
• Dynamic Business System
• Families System - easy to use and create
• 6 Factions
• Insurance and DMV with easy insurance - earning
• 6 Primary Jobs (Factions) and 10 Secondary Jobs that will earn you great amounts and we are working to make them pay even bett
Factions: We will be recruiting for factions only on an application and interview basis on our forums
1. Los Santos Police Department [LSPD]
2. Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI]
3. Los Santos Government [Gov]
4. SAN News - This is where you can also post your advertisement
5. Hitman
6. Emergency Medical Services [EMS]

We are a MEDIUM role play server and expect players to have at least some understanding of basic role play commands such as /me, /do and role playing in various situations such as a shoot out, accidents and so on.

Families can be created by paying 1.000.000 to an admin and having 4 other members ready to join with you along with some proof of Role play such as screenshots and so on.

We also have a VIP system in place, but not to worry, you do not have to donate a cent because this is a non-profit server, we are only looking to have fun and enjoy ourselves rather than making money.
The VIP system is based on donation points which will be earned via events or one may be able to buy them from an admin if he wishes to do so.

We hope you will enjoy our server : European Roleplay []
OWNER: Charlie_Luciano
OWNER: Derek_Levitz

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