[0.3z][ENG/RO] European Role Play

[0.3z][ENG/RO] European Role Play

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European Roleplay

Opened not too long ago, European Roleplay was founded with the idea that roleplaying must be done right. Our script is unique, complex, but easy to use, interesting and highly attractive for all types of roleplayers. The admin team is formed of 3 main administrators and a moderator that are professional and respectful towards all players.

We are asking all the players to go to our forum mentioned above and read carefully all the rules and penal code before entering the server in order to ensure that they are not breaching any rules or committing any felony without intention.

The roleplaying level required by European Roleplay is MEDIUM. This means that although we do not expect that players are roleplaying experts, they would have read a roleplay guide and be able to do a minimum of roleplay. Examples of roleplay basics mean knowing commands and their uses such as /me, /do, chat commands such as ooc chat and when they are supposed to be used, /gout and /gin to roleplay getting out and putting back in a weapon.

Our Script contains a wide variety of things in order to make it as interesting and as pleasant as possible. For the purposes of this ad, we will only post the most general part of our script.

- Dynamic House System: Houses are easy to buy (/buyhouse confirm) and very cheap and accessible for everyone

- Dynamic Business System: There are lots of businesses – 24/7, gas stations, car, truck, boats, bikes, airplanes dealers, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, ammunition and many more. These will provide a good and reasonable profit.

- Family System: Simple and easy to create, there are lots to do in a family such as taking points and turfs. Points can bring mats, guns or drugs to families. The points are also useful because you need them for mat runs in order to make weapons or plant drugs. Families are created easily with a forum application if the conditions are met.

- Insurance and DMV in order to ensure that players are capable of roleplay driving. Insurance is close to Pizza Stack and DMV can be found inside City Hall.

- 6 Primary jobs (belonging to one of the 6 factions) and 10 Secondary jobs which can be legal or illegal. The most important legal jobs are to be found inside City Hall and the others are scattered throughout town. Legal jobs, among many are Pizza Boy (job can be taken at pizza stack), Mechanic, Trash Cleaner, Taxi Driver, Lawyer and etc. Illegal jobs are Smuggler, Arms Dealer and Drug Dealer. The script is made so that new players can earn good amounts of cash to make a good start with Pizza Boy and Trashcleaner.

Factions: Entering a faction will only be done with an application on the forum using the format and an interview if the application is successful.

1. Los Santos Police Department

2. Federal Bureau of Investigation

3. Los Santos Government

4. SAN NEWS – Here you can post advertisement using /ad

5. Hitman

6. Emergency Medical Services


Other things you can find on our server are:

a. Furniture Shop in East Los Santos where you can buy tokens which you can use to furnish your house interior or exterior

b. /Help where you can find all the server’s commands. This command will not show you all the commands in the dialog box, but will show a user-friendly box.

c. VIP shop where you can spend DPS that you can win at events or for good roleplay.

d. Racetrack at LS Stadium, close to Grove Street

e. Car Rental shop, across the road from the Hospital

f. Locker System where you can safely store anything (money, weapons, drugs, mats) that are located at Unity and East Los Santos

g. For players who chose to spawn at the Airport, they will find cars that they can use without any tax to move around town.

h. Fishing system. Fishing cand bring good sums of money to players who are in need of cash immediately. Just buy a fishing rod from Binco using /buyaccessories, equip it using /accessories and go to Santa Maria Pier where you can fish and the store to sell your fish is very close

These are just a couple of the wonderful things that you will find on our server. I assure you that there are many more things to be found on our server that will inevitably lead to a very pleasant roleplay experience. We are eagerly waiting for you all!

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