San Andreas Life Roleplay.

San Andreas Life Roleplay.

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About us
San Andreas Life Roleplay is a SA:MP community that's based on Light/Medium RP. The server has been opened in 2015. It has a lot of cool features that you're going to love! As soon as you join our server, you'll see that it's amazing! The server is now giving a big refund. (as soon as you join the server, you'll get it automaticly). Our server is hosted and running 24/7. It has a powerful DDoS protection! The server has a great and professional administration team that's here to support you 24/7! Have fun playing in our server and enjoy your stay

Why us?
San Andreas Life Roleplay is online 24/7. It is hosted and of course, DDoS protected. Since the server is new, we have been giving a big refund to the new players. The server's script is unique and it has a lot of dynamic features. Here's a list of them below:

Job System
San Andreas Life Roleplay is offering their players a unique job system. There are a lot of jobs that give you money. Of course, you get payed for what you do. Also, there are some legal and also illegal jobs. When you work illegaly, you get payed even more for what you do.

Dynamic Door System
Our server is having a Dynamic Door System which allows you to own dynamic doors. When you own a flagged dynamic door, people pay a lot more for it. Dynamic Doors can we used for your unofficial gang, and also, an official one.

Group (faction) System
San Andreas Life Roleplay has a lot of factions. There are currently three of them opened because of our playerbase. As soon as it gets higher, we'll open even more factions. Factions can be edited in-game just by using a command. (for admins only). The factions that are opened right now are: San Andreas State Police, San Andreas Government and Los Santos Fire and Medical Department.

And a lot more!

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Re: San Andreas Life Roleplay.

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quiero ser policia de malos aires roleplay
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