Welcome to [color=#00FFFF] Lastation Roleplay [/color],

Welcome to [color=#00FFFF] Lastation Roleplay [/color],

Postby Noire xD » 11/04/2016, 21:08

Welcome to Lastation Roleplay,

1.Server is currently Hiring,

2. Helper's, 3. Faction Leader's, 4. Gang leaders,

Currently available.

1. Los Santos Police Department.

2. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

3. Los Santos fire and medic Department.

4. The Government.

5. San Andreas News Department.

6. Hitman Agency.

7. Armed Ready Emergency Squad.
There Is also Family also been created

1. El Monte Flores.

2. Sentinel.

3. Mara Salvatrucha XII.

4. Grove street Family.

You may feel free to lead one of these family or

There is free space's for you to create you're own family,


There is currently a refund going on for new player's that join.

refund package: Diamond donator, a House+Gate, a Business, a Family HQ, 500,000 IG money, a free car,40 Eggs,
There is loads of dynamic systems, and added a new costumed VIP locker and lounge
There is Dynamic Door's, Dynamic House's, Dynamic Business's, Dynamic Gate's,Dynamic Garage's,
None of them have bug's they have all been checked and same with faction's and family's no bug's or glitches
This is the forums Address trgaming.boards.net/
This is the Server IP:

Come join the fun you don't want to miss out
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