[NEW] Desert Storm [ONLINE]

[NEW] Desert Storm [ONLINE]

Postby Yera » 18/12/2016, 11:55

Name Of The Server: [DS]Army vs Terrorists.

Your Admin Name:
First: I am not an admin.
Second: I am only a regular player that played in this amazing server so i decided to share it with others.
Third: The name of the main owner is (Stormy_Wolf) and the owner (Razor).


Forum: http://desertstorm-gtaclan.privetbb.com/

The Page:
This server is a death match server that full of interesting features

Staff Team:
This server staff team is the best staff team that i have faced before.
*Not arrogant"

Best community all over samp:
*Help newbies*
You will love playing with them Cheesy .

Server Description:
This is a death match server between:
Every team has different rank but there is some common ranks between each other.

Terrorists team: have a ship that they can spawn in it and the army can plant an airstreak in it to sink it and terrorists have to rescu it from sinking.

Army team: in there base there is a checkpoint that the terrorists can plant c4 in it.

UAV base:
UAV base is a common base.
To take it you must kill enemies in it.
You canbut weapons and others from it.
Note: UAV base i mapped by the server team.

Here is a video:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-ts=1 ... 5-bEMFeEtg

At the end:
Hope you will enjoy your time with this amazing server.

Another Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=p ... 480F5rzoZY

More things are added like flaks, grenade launchers, static miniguns, helicopter rockets, capture places.

Some images
UAV bots. So just come and have fun. It has many unique features and more are about to come in the next update.
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