RevolutionX DM/Stunt/Race/Fun

RevolutionX DM/Stunt/Race/Fun

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Who We Are
Founded back when SA-MP was just getting started, RevolutionX has always been a server that lets players explore the world of Grand Theft Auto like never before. The server offers endless ways to entertain yourself. This includes minigames, stunts, deathmatching, races, and so much more.

Feature Highlights

Race with your friends
Compete with your friends in a friendly race, or join one of the death races where no rules exist. In death races, your car is equipped with a cannon so you can destroy the competition.

Offering more than 50+ minigames for our players, we have plenty of them to choose from. Take on a team deathmatch, play a capture the flag, or join a survival minigame.

More games include:

  1. gun specific games like minigun deathmatch and more
  2. capture the flag
  3. jetpack minigame
  4. find easter eggs around the map

VIP Package

Upgrade your game play, for no cost at all. Players who stick around receive VIP, which allows for race building, object building, and more.

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