Singleplayer features / Race / Gang war / QUB3D / BAWSAQ /

Singleplayer features / Race / Gang war / QUB3D / BAWSAQ /

Postby Celebi » 30/11/2018, 12:46

English servers

Czech/slovak/english Servers

Features and description
- Many features from singleplayer
- Pool and basketball minigames
- Poker Texas Holdem minigame
- Video game QUB3D from GTA 4
- Custom made roulettes, slot machines, video poker and horse betting
- Stock market BAWSAQ from GTA 5
- Dynasty 8 and Eyefind webpages from GTA 5
- Phone from GTA 4 with a lot of features from GTA Online
- Missions similar to GTA Online - you can start missions from Big Smoke, Cesar, Madd Dogg, Tenpenny, Truth, Zero, Toreno or Woozie!
- VIP and bodyguards with VIP work
- Cocaine lockups, weed farms, counterfeit chips factory and ammo manufactories
- Gang wars over 100 gang hoods
- More than 30 unique jobs to earn money (including police, paramedic, firefighter, pimp, valet parking, pizza-boy and much more)
- Burglary missions
- Singleplayer races and other challenges
- Singleplayer driving schools
- Houses and garages
- Gyms, strip clubs, clothes shops, hidden packages, oysters, spray tags, horseshoes and much more

- 100-150 online players and the playerbase is still expanding
- Professional and friendly admins and helpers who help the new players
- Unique server with features you will not find on any other server!
- No cheaters and hackers on our server - we have very effective anticheat
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