Extreme Roleplay [New Server] [UnderDevelopment]

Extreme Roleplay [New Server] [UnderDevelopment]

Postby JasonTheMan » 16/11/2019, 11:29


Extreme Roleplay is a new SAMP server that is focused in the city of Los Santos and its rules are based in a Heavy Roleplay mode.

We tested all kinds of gamemodes, we changed the whole staff system a lot of times but we weren't happy, now we decided!

E-RP is working on its official script which is being made from scratch, you have never seen anything like it, trust me!

Join Us Now!


Discord Link - discord.gg/qESBzmQ

Website Link - extremerp.tk/


New house system

New Business system

New land system

New commands (Over 100+)

New Administration system

New Faction system

New Gang/Family system

Custom Player Damage system

Realistic Economy

And much more Coming Soon!

Note - (The script has just started and you won't be able to play in it yet but you will be able to roleplay and have fun in our temporary script which we also update regularly!)
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