Best Generation Roleplay (0.3.7)

Best Generation Roleplay (0.3.7)

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Best Generation Roleplay

Server IP :

UCP : Under Development

About Us

Best Generation Roleplay is a medium roleplay community which has a good environment to Roleplay and have fun with other players.This community founded by Jone (Kasun ) & SparK (Ranush) in 24th Of October 2016. Due to some reasons they had to shutdown the community and once again Best Generation Roleplay community is back in 2020 with NEW FEATURES. With the new development team we are willing to put a great effort on the server to provide our players a good environment to roleplay among the players .

New Features & Systems

    01. Dynamic Features (Business , Houses, Doors )
    02. Black Market System
    03. Bank Robbery System
    04. New Family System (includes - family lockers, radio, bandana , turfs)
    05. Backpack System
    06. VIP System
    07. Vehicle Lock System
    08. New Button System to Open Doors
    09. BG:RP Credit System ( same as gold bars)
    10. New Pharmacy System (will be available soon)

Jobs We Have

    01. Shipment Contractor Job
    02. Pilot Job
    03. Pizza Job
    04. Farmer Job
    05. Postman Job
    06. Car Mechanic Job
    07. Taxi Job
    08. Detective Job
    09. Lawyer Job
    10. Craftman Job
    11. Arms Dealer Job
    12. Drug Dealer & Drug Smuggler Job
    13. Bodyguard & Boxer Jobs

Factions of Los Santos

    01. Los Santos Police Department - L.S.P.D
    02. Los Santos Fire & Medical Department - L.S.F.M.D
    03. Federal Bureau of Investigation - F.B.I
    04. Government - GOV
    05. San Andreas Armed Service - S.A.A.S


We are updating our script weekly and will try to bring new systems , new jobs & new features as our players requested. So you can give us suggestions via Discord that should be implemented on our server. As this is another fresh start of our community suggestions are really appreciated and we gladly invite you all to Join our Server!

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