[EN - SA:MP 0.3.DL] Vice City Roleplay - www.creagaming.com

[EN - SA:MP 0.3.DL] Vice City Roleplay - www.creagaming.com

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[0.3-DL] Vice City Roleplay VC:RP : server.creagaming.com7777​

Releasing June 27th, 2020


Have you ever imagined being able to play the Vice City map on GTA San Andreas? Well we’ve got even better news for you! On Crea Gaming’s open-world SA:MP Roleplay Server you can do exactly that. You can cruise down Vice Beach in a cocaine white Cheetah, just like Don Johnson in Miami Vice.

We’re an ambitious English Speaking Gaming Community with big plans for our forums and SA:MP server. We have experienced developers from the renowned MT-Gaming (CallMeKevin’s server). With an aggressive growth strategy – advertising across channels including Instagram, vk.com etc we aspire to pick up the pace and quickly become a figure-head server in the San Andreas Multiplayer community.

Our playerbase is comprised of many SA:MP players that have been a part of the wider community in excess of 6 years with an invested interest in the game. Our intention is to bring the novelty back to SA:MP we all experienced when playing SA:MP and even San Andreas SP for the first time. Combining the Vice City map on the San Andreas MP platform is uncommon, particularly for an English speaking server but we are going to bring the shine back to SA:MP.

Our server features a sophisticated official gang and faction’s system, an active Police Department, player owned Businesses, Custom Mapping and Scripting requests among many other popular features. Below are some graphics created in the lead up to our launch which are certainly more visually appealing than paragraphs and paragraphs of text about what makes us great!

Thank you for your time and we hope to see you on the forums and in-game!

Forums: https://www.creagaming.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/mbtFztx

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