KolmNurk Roleplay (Back From a long resting)

KolmNurk Roleplay (Back From a long resting)

Postby Elnorito » 07/08/2012, 18:52

Hello fellow Forumians.
Today im goin to present you a server that has risen from ashes.
I mean this server lived long time ago, but because owner had some financial problems he had to close the server.
Our Server´s name was NC:RP. We were very famous.
We had 100 people day and night. But since we have come back we thought of using our old GAMEMODE.
Yes Thats right our old gamemode now is used again.
We will continue editing it to better forms and add new functions to it. Since we came back we also thought of new name, and we thought of one : Kolmnurk Roleplay


This is our Banner. Our IP IS :
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