Incorrect Game Name Change

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Incorrect Game Name Change

Postby SugarD-x » 21/04/2013, 2:29

I just noticed that your amazing site supports Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas. That is awesome! I did find an issue with it, however...

The problem lies within the naming scheme. Multi Theft Auto for GTA III and Vice City also work using the same query system as the San Andreas version. Because of this, your site supports all three versions of Multi Theft Auto, but the "game name" you use only says it is for the San Andreas version. My suggestion is to rename "Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas" to simply "Multi Theft Auto", which would cover all three game versions then. This is also done on another large online game browser service for this same reason. :)
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Re: Incorrect Game Name Change

Postby VirtualGamingLV » 19/05/2013, 0:21

Totally agree to you, SugarD-x.
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Re: Incorrect Game Name Change

Postby StanleY » 19/05/2013, 17:05

We can't rename it to simply "Multi Theft Auto" because the current background image is for San andreas. Anyway we can add it separately...

We didn't add it before because we think that MTA:VC has too few servers online.
We need at least 5 online servers to add it.
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