NationZ - II server edition

NationZ - II server edition

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Our history was started with first edition of server - "Żywe-Trupy". This one gives beginning and basis to born incontestable leader on Multi Theft Auto: DayZ servers scene. ZT makes sensation not only in Poland, enthusiasts came from all over the world. Though no experience in this times server successfully prosper and make attention for every survivor.
Unfortunately our project was suspended.

But suspended is a good word, because a little over 6 months later project rise again as the first "NationZ". Fixed, modified, expanded. The longer server bore on the server list, the more attraction we added.

Next two months of prepares, implementation of new systems and solutions, only for you guys, those without our project cannot be exist. Finally we baptized our work as "NationZ", edition marked with number II.

Most important changes:
    Helmet (75% chance to reduce damage to 0 by shooting in head, 25% chance to destroy it. Also M24 and M40A3 have 100% chance to penetrate)
    Vest (33% less damage if wearing, 10% chance/shot to destroy it, 100% penetrate by shooting from M24 or M40A3)
    Engine Oil, Car Battery, necessary to start vehicle engine
    Added new scopes for sniper rifles
    Added three locations in the bottom-right map corner, where you can fill up Engine Oil
    Added new vehicles spawn locations
    Fixed helicopters spawn script
    Fixed vehicles spawn script (no longer spawn one on another
    Added automatically spawn and clean of unoccupied vehicles
    Added random vehicles spawn depends on amount of unoccupied vehicles
    Added beta version of Z Hour. During this event weather changes to foggy, inside of medical objects you can hear sirenes, in range of sirene sound you can notice drastic temperature drops, higher amount, activity, field of view and health of zombies. Also outside the hospitals planes drop supplies box for survivors. Event repeats on every day at 18-22 PM UTC+1
    Epi-Pen, medical item that is used on unconscious players to immediately awaken them
    From now if your blood is on level < 3000 you will have % chance to not receover conscious. When less blood than 3000, then percent will higher. Only possible option to save unconscious survivor will be apply Epi-Pen by other.
    Police Vest (higher durability, damage reduction up to 50%)
    Wallhack for memebers the same group, and mark by nickname
    Added base system which simplifies ordering process. User selects interesting size, type, floor amount and location, then recharges his account by "Points" and order. System will automatically submit new thread and inform administrative team about new order.
    Added virutal currency "Points" (three methods to get points). From now it doesn't matter from where you are, you can order every thing thanks to english translation and World payment system implementation.
    Added new method to recharge your virutal wallet: SuperRewards (free points for making surverys, quizes, downloading games and registering)
    Added landing page in two languages (Polish, English)
    Added User Management Panel to manage your services like base, VIP Account etc. (term of validity, extension, magnification)
    Finished fully translation for our website and forums


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