Symon's Cops and Robbers

Symon's Cops and Robbers

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Symon's Cops and Robbers is a SA-MP related to CNR (Cops and Robbers) genre.

During his developement, SCNR had only 1 main scripter, Symon, which handles the server and the website part. It's the sole developer of whole SCNR.


Writing all features that SCNR has to offer to our valuable players may be time consuming because we can't count them, but here are a small preview...


This is where your journey starts from. Choose between a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer), to protect and serve, or a Civilian, to earn fast and (il)legal money. Your call.



Our dynamic lotto system is made to increase fun and competitivity among players. Go in any 24/7 located in whole San Andreas and buy your lucky number which goes from 1 to 99.

Prize is dinamically set by script, more players online means higher prize. Draw occurs everyday at 17:30, at 21:30 winners will be announced.

House Bombing


Ever dreamed to bomb a house? Well, on SCNR you can. With more than 200+ bombable houses your dream comes true.
To bomb a house, approach near its entrance and press "N" key. You just need C4 (You can get it from Ammunation) and a lot of luck.
After bombing, a moneybag will generate on house entrance, you should grab it before house goes on flame to get the money, but watch out, players can steal your moneybag and grab all the money!



With 5 statistics category (more to come soon), you'll be able to keep tracking of your account progress time by time. Every stat is saved and loaded so you don't have to worry about any stats loss.


Apart from classes, if you choose to be a civilian you're prompted to choose a skill too. This may vary from Hitman (complete hit contracts for $$$) to Con Artist (Steal money from player's wallet).

Supply Drops


Imagine you're engaging a fight with LEO's and you run out of bullets, quite sucks, right?

Well don't worry, you can use /supply to request health, armour, ammo or weapons. A plane will deliver them to your positions in an eye blink!

And more...

ATMs - Deposit/Withdraw money from ATMs located on whole SA. Got no money to withdraw or deposit? No need, simply shoot at the ATM, grab the money and run!
Courier Delivery - If you're looking for a relaxing job, then courier is the right job for you. Deliver goods from X to Y and earn easy $$.
Drop Items - Apart from supply drops, you can drop health, armour and money with /drop - Engaging a fight with someone and your friends is in need of health or armour? Simply /drop it!
Scrapyard - This is the easiest way to earn illegal money. Steal a vehicle, go to the scrapyard and export it for $$$.
Boombox - Listening Justin Bieber? Sorry, but this isn't the right feature for you. :D Jokes apart, with boombox you can stream music to all players near you with /boombox play/stop.


NOTICE: This is not the full features list.

Last Words

[center]I really hope you'll pay a visit to Symon's Cops and Robbers. Our staff members are ready to welcome you in this little big family.

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