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Server Name: BearTac2
Game: Arma 3
State: Passworded
Players: 0/39
Address: join
 Taiwan, Province of China
Map Name: brf_sumava
Last updated:


: ???P??z^???zn?T?\\K?{?t2??@uk?hw?????q?C?1t??VO ~:???Šumavaq?!?KQx"@Zeus_Enhanced__ACE3_Compatibility?%n?O[
: jZeus Enhanced 1.14.0?^???g??ZEPHIK Females V2?i\Z@X_Cam_Taunus_Version_1_1_?\\7W??!WebKnight's Zombies And Creatures
: õ@øØ/%£Weather+ñÎhܬ’„eVET_Unflipping - 1.3.28Öt6¢ôJšUSP Gear & UniformsàÄ©±kUSP Gear & Uniforms]­oü8Uriki's M
: ission Items?ƻ?jS~The Gear Collection \\ Delta???b??TSF Crye Precision AVS][~K4?Tier One Weapons%?~"Thumb Over
: Bore for Tier 1 Weapons÷íðÞ5™qThumb Over Bore for RHSÀoë9“X›8@The_Mighty_GAU_8_Avenger__RHS‹Ìñgå8¾.@The_Mighty_GAU_8_Ave
: nger?4g??$̰TerrainLib???\\??@TAW_View_Distance__Addonx^???¦ SwitchbladeL?K?t?Sehrenos???vy8Saint Kapaulio?b!
: ?Bp@Russian_Alpha_AK??*???ͫ@Root_s_Anomalies__Zeus_Module??ls?G2RHS: United States Forces[?0dg?H2RHS: Serbian Armed F
: orces ??D?6H2 RHS: GREF???O?E2+RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation([]?~ Real Engine_? ??%?mProne Launcher?م
: OE,°Project RACS: SLA FactionV¤¥åK+° Project RACSßÄ£ü_‚Not what they seemߖì¨Ý(¤¨North Takistan¿¼ÅNo 40mm Smoke
: hesÁ‰š*géñ‚ Gold OpticsGΨ™œÑw.Goobin's Gameplay Enhancements: NVG AnimationsoÏ.Š‘Ñw$Goobin's Gameplay Enhancements: CoreP
: ?kLAMBS Suppression\\?8?n LAMBS RPG?f?B??nLAMBS Danger.fsm 2.6.0 b?)K5?fKujari?M? iJbadEe(pH?Jp16AA public mo
: ds.DcAۏ?Improved Melee System [?sF?Improved Cratersh?????c[HogsGloves??p??L Hellanmaaݨ"?P`IGruppe Adler Trenc
: ??^g??w2Goobin's Gameplay Enhancements: Captive Animations܋gZס?eThe Gear Collection / DELTA΅? Y?2@G_O_S_Leskovets#??
: ÀR›± @FoxholesšÁwðø²V/@Fifty_Shades_of_Gen3_formerly_FEMAL3_Uniforms_! tQFallujah 2.0.ÈݤÅéÝEnhanced Movement„L,5
: §aDUI - Squad Radar v1.9.3›˜LÖDV!Drongo's Active Protection SystemôŶ¡´wõ›Devourer's Necroplague Mutants­²lCzß?¨Deforme
: rw=}?NձDagger Island Training ComplexF?Yt尩CUP Weapons 1.17.18?Hڷ?CUP Units 1.17.17^???0?"\ZCUP Terrains - Maps 1.
: 16.0l9;P?q?"\ZCUP Terrains - Core 1.17.1??A?mR%CUP Terrains ACE Compatibility 1.12.0???a?CQB Weapon Stance+r>??\ZCom
: munity Base Addons v3.16.1?A?J?ڰBucket: Zeus Terrain Editing0??N???Breach|J>>?N?0BackpackOnChest}???_?&+ARMA III 官
: 方中文增強包 版本:4.0?xB|զ?+Advanced Urban Rappelling]+|??&#&Advanced Towing?.???,#Advanced Combat Radio Env
: ironment 2 J{f8??ACRE Animations `d???3KKA3 ACE Extension"h?o?%?"Advanced Combat Environment 3.16.1??*@_JK__Tacti
: cal_JK_female_women_school_girl‚ÅŸu];•AGE - Legacy ExtensionH;n"¶HyFSB Alpha Group Equipment
dedicated: d
game_descr: BB_JFX_BOI
game_dir: Arma3
hostname: BearTac2
map: brf_sumava
max_players: 39
num_bots: 0
num_players: 0
os: w
password: 1
protocol: 17
secure: 0
steamappid: 0
version: 50

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