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Server Name: RustyNutsParty UK - PvE+PvP - NO KOS (Wipe Depending) - Beginne
Game: Rust
State: Online
Players: 0/50
Address: join
 United Kingdom
Map Name: Procedural Map
Last updated:


build: 89530
dedicated: d
description_00: Welcome To RustyNutsParty. A UK hosted server that was established in 2017 and was primarily focused
description_01: on new players, however over the years it's evolved to attempt at catering for all players regardle
description_02: ss of their skills and game knowledge which has built a community of great players alike.\\n\\n*This w
description_03: ipe is NOT FULL PvP*\\n\\nThird Party Anti-cheat is Installed.(Ban appeal information at the bottom of
description_04: description)\\n\\n*MAP/SERVER UPDATED: 16-11-2023*\\n*MAP ONLY WIPED: 16-11-2023*\\n* NEXT MAP WIPE: 07
description_05: -12-2023*\\n\\n\\nMain features: (Type /info in chat)\\n\\nWater Bases.\\nRaiding permitted.\\nHeli spawns.
description_06: \\n2x Resource Stacks.\\nAuto furnace sorter.\\n2.5x smelting.\\nRaid alarm.\\nMovable CCTV cameras.\\n\\nA
description_07: ctive Admin (NightRaven)\\n\\nUpon spawning the rules will be shown and must be accepted to play. Afte
description_08: r this the server rules can be viewed either by typing /info in-game in the global chat box or by vi
description_09: ewing our discord server under #game-rules\\n\\nFailure to adhere to the rule-set while playing WILL r
description_10: esult in action being taken.\\n\\nThank you for playing and we hope you enjoy your stay.\\n Should you
description_11: be unfortunate to recieve a ban whether automatic or by the admin you can appeal by entering your st
description_12: eam64 id on the form at:\\n
ent_cnt: 122894
fps: 54
fps_avg: 53.60
game_descr: Rust
game_dir: rust
gc_cl: 230
gc_mb: 3814
gmn: rust
gmt: Survival
hash: a7514e1d
hostname: RustyNutsParty UK - PvE+PvP - NO KOS (Wipe Depending) - Beginne
io: pl0,sl17,tm9,tr10,wt1700164461,cs61
map: Procedural Map
max_players: 50
num_bots: 0
num_players: 0
os: w
password: 0
protocol: 17
pve: False
ram_sys: 0
secure: 1
steamappid: 0
uptime: 63212
version: 50
world.seed: 18662956
world.size: 4250

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