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Server Name: Intoxicated EU Solo/Duo/Trio 2x - 29 Sep
Game: Rust
State: Online
Players: 12/250
Address: join
Map Name: Procedural Map
Last updated:


build: 74879
dedicated: d
description_0: Near-vanilla gameplay with balanced 2x rates and no more than 3 per team. Map is wiped every Thursda
description_1: y. Blueprints are wiped on the first Thursday of every month.Last wipe: 29 Sep (map only) - Next: 6
description_2: Oct @ Update (map + blueprints)The admin does not play. There's absolutely no admin influence whe
description_3: n it comes to gameplay, unfair advantages, pay to win bullshit or bias towards anyone.Updates: int
description_4: | | more than 3 team members may b
description_5: e online at once, including alliances, roaming and raiding (rotating is allowed). Trading is allowed
description_6: but you should use shopfronts or vending machines with value for both parties. Working together abo
description_7: ve the limit will get all involved players temporarily banned from all team-restricted servers.
ent_cnt: 118165
fps: 256
fps_avg: 254.93
game_descr: Rust
game_dir: rust
gc_cl: 800
gc_mb: 5794
gmn: rust
gmt: Survival
hash: 3e8c7727
hostname: Intoxicated EU Solo/Duo/Trio 2x - 29 Sep
map: Procedural Map
max_players: 250
num_bots: 0
num_players: 13
os: l
password: 0
protocol: 17
pve: false
secure: 1
steamappid: 0
uptime: 425476
version: 50
world.seed: 281943578
world.size: 4000

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