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Server Name: [OFFICIAL] Gold Squadron Operations Server
Game: Arma 3
State: Offline
Players: 0/0
Address: join
 United States
Map Name: chongo
Last updated:


: ??$׵?j?0???ّ??V?`??p2?G?m?&?o?]?7ʒZ??]???u?^m??,??S?uxKAT - Advanced Medical?ؔP?7VIceBre
: akr's Angola Maps v1.3¶Vt}_v\\–ACE3 Arsenal Extended - USPÈe–\\-i\\–ACE3 Arsenal Extended%›ë1q²#@Task Force 373 MH-47G SOAR
: ChinookT?&o_E?Project America????t?Sehreno;? ?d??rO&T Expansion Eden?8??,5??ITN Beta??lCz???Deformer?O%??{)%3d
: en Enhanced?,??¦ SwitchbladeH?????? SPS Weapons6 ??FSPS Equipment9?t`?JRKSL Studios ArmA3?t^#?WGold Auxilia
: ry Modsˆaîö˜KQx@ZEN_ACE3_Compat€®¨œ¡ ™@HateDigitalCamera?èbû”TSF Crye Precision AVSù?6ø?ˆñ˜Arma 3 Performance Exte
: nsionS?`?5r?@GSRU_EW}9b?w?Combat Rubber Raiding CraftߗIEH;??Zodiac BackpackH?T@HateLowVisVestR???mu@VoldyIm
: provedAmmo???p?\\?Canadian Forces Base Moosehead?????AyEnhanced Movement Reworkv?ʁ??!Diwako's ACE medical tweaks 1.1.
: 0Ÿ]:ü"hbBackpackOnChestRedux}žkf—8i@42CC#Q¶öÆri @42CDO_VS17Ì*[dO[jZeus Enhanced 1.13.0€z½;²—„Spectrum Device Fun
: ctionalityoy@HateHiddenCameras6~|?V / Spiritus Systems Equipment ?6P?ot~USP Gear & Uniforms?C97USAF MOD Ut
: Federation ??D?6H2 RHS: GREF?Ӌ ??#[Pook Boat pack????jK oPOLPOX's Base Functions?9???t!PLP All in One: Object Collecti
: ]­oü8Uriki's Mission Items'»Õ²·S5TFARø…Íã̘66LYTHIUM’|•^žÄ`@TE][~K4‡Tier1 Weapons얔`ðø€RobTac˜3D¨jˆ
: RHS: Terracore[?0dg?H2RHS: Serbian Armed Forces??ls?G2RHS: United States Forces???O?E2+RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian
: on??FA*?4Paddle Mod - v. 3.7nrV??C?[Multispectral IFF Strobes????\Z?r7MrSanchez' Headlamp Mod v1.3?P???Z?~Moe Pilot Gea
: r Suite%¦î¼@MBG_Killhouses_A3M%@Îè©od@LargeCivilianShipPk§iJbadXâÈÙ²;h@HatchetFrameworkDev5"âé¥=hH-60 pack
: - Development VersionT’ál;g@GOLD7Uð œ8 tUGold Squadron cTab;ú¦@ñ%§"Advanced Combat Environment 3.15.2©.›¦  Ñw4Goobin'
: s Gameplay Enhancements: Canted Aiming SystemG?????w.Goobin's Gameplay Enhancements: NVG Animationso?.???w$Goobin's Gamepla
: y Enhancements: CoreP??^g??w2Goobin's Gameplay Enhancements: Captive Animations@?dv?%?@FSOB/???BEFM??????Enhanced
: MovementS?4????( Eden Objects?7KLȕ4Eden Extended Objects-???/??mDismount Where You Look?2??4Devas Autopilot?ʢI?
: _"vCUP Terrains - Maps 2.0 1.17.0]S???q?"\ZCUP Terrains - Core 1.17.0A?*a??1@CHVDX?F??K&ASR AI3+r>??\ZCommunity Base
: Addons v3.16.1·ØQƒ¢ªASCZ Heads ’ðÆkò_NBreaching Charge¨xB|Õ¦‡+Advanced Urban Rappelling]+|ëÊ&#&Advanced Towing†ô’>c
: ¨y@A3TIÕø§X™7üF!Special Operations Vehicles [NDS]iÜížê¾c 3CB Factions steamapps
dedicated: d
game_descr: TRIDENT ARID FALL v2
game_dir: Arma3
hostname: [OFFICIAL] Gold Squadron Operations Server
map: chongo
max_players: 57
num_bots: 0
num_players: 0
os: w
password: 1
protocol: 17
secure: 0
steamappid: 0
version: 50

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