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Server Name: JFC Clan Server, Hosted by
Game: Arma 3
State: Passworded
Players: 0/20
Address: join
 United Kingdom
Map Name: bala_murghab_winter
Last updated:


:  1?E[E?O???t???i????ˤg??o&e۔?????j????]{?y??T%??#??Ӟ CE: Movement?9+]?AyEnhanced Movement Rework?????4?FIR
: AIRWEAPONSYSTEM…ƒ¨¬ÕKª @2857096620¬&6ãý´JCA - P320z:¢ƒf]œARCCu@ª"Ñ1ÜbITARMY_LITE_masÁtðå™d²BLACK JACK}ÖNAW
: ±TPNVG by MoltesÈݤÅéÝEnhanced Movement|.Ÿ E¨$Advanced Sling LoadingØÁ)pWŠ*Advanced Rappelling†Ò!48ç¿n LAMBS RPGà²(
: ?/H?.A-10 Warthog Series??zl?]F+JSRS Soundmod - RHS GREF Support CE.20.04191m??P.U'JSRS Soundmod - Reloadsounds CE.20.042
: 3†Éýƒ]F*JSRS Soundmod - RHS USF Support CE.20.0419Õø§X™7üF!Special Operations Vehicles [NDS]dY8MÌ^TSF JPC 2.0 & LV119XZ
: %˜»{)%3den EnhancedÇMæÔ# ˜'CAF AGGRESSORS v 1.5A½*aë¼î1@837729515¾¯j6àDL0Realistic_Driving_Terrains_RHS_GREF_compat_v3.
: 00ˆþ•,:º»JCA - Gen4 Weapon Family¥͎Ñƚ»TOTT AiO·K\\4bþƒAlternative Running£mžê¾c 3CB FactionsöáÞÄò3\ZcTab - Blue
: Force Tracking?f?B??nLAMBS Danger.fsm 2.6.0??5P5?aDUI - Squad Radar 1.10.1q?!?KQx @2018593688 J{f8??ACRE Animations=
: ?$?P`IGruppe Adler Trenches???G?53CB: BAF Weapons?3???GQTactical Position Ready @1508091616 ??FA*?4Pad
: ced NVGs?'X?N?~? @2944314446?Vt}_v\\?ACE3 Arsenal Extended - USP?`???B?m KAT Notebook?[]?VRDC2 - Command And Control??,P
: ¨Breachvìwæ­ÚyUSP Gear & Uniforms@mýkò_NBreaching ChargeßÃï3lnø$Arma 3: ALiVEœÑýUr @2138199320÷ÛÝuxKAT - Adv
: anced Medical?i??˪?? FIXED BettIR?u?5?? SPS Weapons6 ??FSPS Equipment??0?Una?Better Inventoryzb?!\\ʕFawks' Enhan
: ,5??ITN Beta˚?I??x USP Gear Fixٞ??咏zUSP Gear & Uniforms?.???\\åBala Murghab, Afghanistan?T^c?:?*Realistic_Driving
: _Terrains_RHS_USAF_compatf?ʧ%$L?*Realistic_Driving_Terrains_RHS_AFRF_compat[?0dg?H2RHS: Serbian Armed Forceso?.???w$Goobi
: n's Gameplay Enhancements: Core?.???,#Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2?"? @2352603233?C97.?USAF MOD Utility pac
: k5???ݙ?? @2260572637^?q?-i\\?ACE3 Arsenal Extended\\?R??kUSP Gear & Uniforms?M? iJbad?%n?O[jZeus Enhanced 1.14.0
: ??D?6H2 RHS: GREFS?w?Z8+JSRS Soundmod - RHS AFRF Support CE.20.0419???????kLAMBS Suppression*E?1 nLAMBS Turrets'SZ?
: '?cRKSL Attachments Pack?(zHM?6Realistic_Driving_Terrains_v4.20_进阶全地形驾驶??|9??S3\ZJSRS Soundmod - CE.20.04
: 23pUH????USAF MOD Main Pack???O?E2+RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation??ls?G2RHS: United States Forces?U??%?
: "Advanced Combat Environment 3.17.1?)6??\ZCommunity Base Addons v3.17.1
dedicated: d
game_descr: JFC_BMG_2013
game_dir: Arma3
hostname: JFC Clan Server, Hosted by
map: bala_murghab_winter
max_players: 20
num_bots: 0
num_players: 0
os: w
password: 1
protocol: 17
secure: 0
steamappid: 0
version: 50

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