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Server Name: 71st MEU Training Server
Game: Arma 3
State: Online
Players: 0/40
Address: join
 United States
Map Name: cfb_moosehead
Last updated:


: ? 1?E[E?O???t???i????ˤg??o&e۔?????j????]{?y??>????Z\ZHAFM NAVY Weapons and Core???\\?R?BHAFM Ships?)6??\ZCo
: mmunity Base Addons v3.17.1¨xB|Õ¦‡+Advanced Urban Rappelling]+|ëÊ&#&Advanced Towing|.Ÿ E¨$Advanced Sling LoadingØÁ)pWŠ
: *Advanced Rappelling_?HjFLB Backpacks???vP?Bulat UAV Detector by Nerexis?m@USAF Mod - RQ4A Sensor Tweakg?)??
: DV!Drongo's Active Protection System¸û^Ÿ‚\\¯+@RHICC Rigid Hull Inflatable Commando Craftõ|M S&KAV-8B Harrier IIÕpû#8@Bu
: rnes Armories - Landing Craft Air Cushion LCAC Signed??U??jWhite Phosphor,?8??xn8@[SWU] Immersion Sound Pack???~?3 Pan
: dur II—I»S+EKŽZeus Additionses#¯{¡žKLPQ War on Terror Radio÷ÛÝuxKAT - Advanced Medical, ºLç6nProject Legacy - F/A
: -18 Hornet'»Õ²·S5TFAR•NHí†Æo@ILBE Assault Pack - Rewrite6~|ՁV / Spiritus Systems Equipment ñ4A”:NPook Artillery
: pack†c‰Fn\Z¨Melee£‹ §¹¨Breachð‘î˜Åµ’16AA Immersion Soundsq­!˜KQx#@Zeus Enhanced - ACE3 Compatibility%n¡O[jZeus
: Enhanced 1.14.0???~[&Nimitz?C97.?USAF MOD Utility packpUH????USAF MOD Main Pack??ls?G2RHS: United States Forces[?
: Smoke and Lighting Efx Mod 1.4S?4????( Eden Objectst1??F%IEA-18G Growlerʳ+*?Z??4Custom Marine and Navy liveries for the
: rV??C?[Multispectral IFF Strobes?P???Z?~Moe Pilot Gear Suite???? &[?Hatchet Framework5"???=hH-60 pack - Development Ve
: rsion=?$?P`IGruppe Adler Trenches?????4?FIR AIRWEAPONSYSTEM??????Enhanced Movementx ??ixX8ANZACSAS Enhanced Missile
: Hatchet H-60zW|4尩CUP Weapons 1.18.1??|?s?L CUP Vehicles 1.18.1?W??ڷ?CUP Units 1.18.1U? ?⅂?cTab - Devastator Edit
: ionA½*aë¼î1@CH View Distance¿Øêp–\\ŠCanadian Forces Base Moosehead†|m…'|G BoxloaderTOìT÷kGBoxloader - ACE Compatabilit
: y|J>>?N?0BackpackOnChest?U??%?"Advanced Combat Environment 3.17.1Uo?R?? the III packXZ%??{)%3den Enhanced?m??c 3
: CB Factions
dedicated: d
game_descr: 71stmeu_trainingV9
game_dir: Arma3
hostname: 71st MEU Training Server
map: cfb_moosehead
max_players: 40
num_bots: 0
num_players: 0
os: w
password: 0
protocol: 17
secure: 0
steamappid: 0
version: 50

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