Samp Drifting Community.[Houses/Cars/biz/Rp]

Samp Drifting Community.[Houses/Cars/biz/Rp]

Postby Driftpeat » 14/03/2015, 15:31

SDC :Samp Drifting Community is a Server here you can buy cars biz houses you can also do some stunt rp dm.
200+ maps +1500 +MTA houses +Private Island are available
Admin cmds ever seen
VPS have special cmds.
Clans available with 10+ cmds + 8 levels
Server Details (3z)
Want to join any of the server or if you want to became admin
Contact to us
Like our server want to donate too for vip contact us on fb or forum.
Premium Server Ever.
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Re: Samp Drifting Community.[Houses/Cars/biz/Rp]

Postby Yera » 17/03/2015, 16:17

Yes it is nice :D
I am Electron there
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