Romanian RPG Servers

Romanian RPG Servers

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Romanian: Servere rpg pe comunitatea B-Zone. | EN: Romanian rpg servers on B-Zone community
Primary languages: En|Ro

HostName: B-zone [0.3.7]
Players: 300-500/1000
Mode: RPG
Map: San Andreas

Forum :
Peaceful : Paramedics | News Reporters | Tow Truck Company | LS/LV/SF Taxi | LS/LV/SF School Instructors
Gangs : Green Street Bloods | Southern Pimps | Red Dragon Triads | Verdant Family | Vietnamese Boys | The Tsar Bratva | Avispa Rifa | 69 Pier mobs | El Loco Cartel
Departments : LSPD | SFPD | LVPD | FBI | National Guard
Mixt factions : Hitmen Agency | Mayor

-Detectiv (Detectiv)
-Lawyer (Avocat)
-Car Mechanic (Mecanic de masini)
-Bus Driver (Conducator de autobuz)
-Trucker (Camionagiu)
-Garbeage Collector (Gunoier)
-Miner (Miner)
-Taietor de lemne (Lumberjack)
-Fermier (Farmer)
-Transporter (Transportator)

-Arms Dealer (Traficant de arme)
-DrugsDealer (Traficant de droguri)
-Pocket Thief (Hot de buzunare)
-Car Jacker (Spargator de masini)

Everyday events from behalf of our players but also organized events from staff
LMS,LCS, first with /w,first with a specific car /sms etc

Rob system,/getgift system depending on holiday events, quest gift depending on holiday events and many many many other things.
Come join today !
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